To the Editor:

There is no Republican way to carry out the duties of sheriff of Sheboygan County. There is no Democratic way to do the job. There is only the right way to carry out the duties of sheriff. Mike Helmke has done the job very well.

Let us look back. Sheriff Helmke inherited a department under difficult circumstances. The department morale was low and Helmke promptly righted the ship and pursued his vision. His no nonsense, straightforward approach won the rank and file approval. There were no favorites – every part of the department was evaluated. A long-range plan was developed.

Helmke took a look at the budget and found that some money did not need to be spent, and that money was returned to the county. Helmke brought back the canine unit and reinstated the Special Deputy Sheriff program.

By working with our judges, the Law Committee and other experts within the criminal justice community, Helmke and the Criminal Justice Advisory Committee are looking at alternatives to incarceration. Jail time is expensive (approximately $65 per day); not everyone needs to be in jail. More could be out working or contributing to the community by doing volunteer service.

Helmke is already doing many of the things his opponent is advocating. There are many other innovations that I could write about that Helmke is exploring. How do I know? I am chairman of the Sheboygan County Board’s Law Committee. I have been on this committee for nine years, and Helmke has been sheriff for eight of those years.

Sheriff Helmke has the qualifications, experience and proven leadership to move the Sheriff’s Department forward and I highly endorse him. Please keep Mike Helmke our sheriff by voting for him Nov. 2.

Brian C. Hoffmann, District 28 County Board

supervisor, Sheboygan

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