STC seeking `Sheboygan’s Next Star’ starting April 29

Talent competitions are huge draws and create great opportunities for the arts and artists, i.e. “American Idol,” “So You Think You Can Dance.” The Sheboygan Theatre Company wants to showcase the talents of Wisconsin by putting together their own talent competition, “Sheboygan’s Next Star,” which will be a talent contest open to all ages, with the goal of promoting performing arts in the area.

The Sheboygan Theatre Company is announcing the auditions for this new event. The contest will have three categories for people to audition and compete in: dancing, singing or acting. The audition dates are Friday, April 29, or Thursday, May 5, and will be held at the Urban Middle School Auditorium at 1226 North Ave., Sheboygan.

Audition slots for both nights will be available on a first come first serve basis, from 6-9:30 p.m.

For those who can’t make the audition dates and times, the theatre company is accepting video submissions but the submissions must follow specific guidelines.

In order to enter the competition and audition, there will be an entrance fee of $20. Contestants will then have a chance to be chosen for the final showcase, which will be Saturday, June 11, at the Leslie Johnson Theatre in Horace Mann Middle School. The final showcase is where they will have the chance to win the top prize of $200 plus other prizes, in their own category.

Anyone interested in registering for the contest or if they have questions, they can contact the Sheboygan Theatre Company at 920-459-3779. People can also register in person at the Sheboygan Recreation Department at 607 S. Water St., Sheboygan. Volunteers for this event and other Sheboygan Theatre Company events are always welcome.

Video submission rules:

STC will accept DVDs or you can e-mail a digital file to shebnext

• If you choose to do a digital file, it can be no larger than 25 MB in size. STC is only using Windows Media Player, so it must be formatted to be able to play with that program. STC would prefer the best possible quality (preferably 640 x 480 or better at 30 fps). Submissions of insufficient quality will be disqualified. Video should be uncut and continuous during the performance. The performer should introduce themselves and mention Sheboygan's Next Star in the video uncut prior to the performance.

• In order to be accepted, all video submissions should be paid in full and postmarked/submitted by May 1 and need to be received, no later than May 5, 2011, 5 p.m. If you choose to apply this way, make sure the act follows all the guidelines below. It needs to include name and contact information along with the submission.


All supplies are the responsibility of the contestants to meet their own needs. Only a piano will be provided at auditions. Contestants are responsible for providing their own accompaniment, music, CD player, etc.

• Performance time limit for each act is 4 minutes. Anything over 4 minutes will result in disqualification.

• All acts must be individual acts.

• There will be no refunds upon cancellation or no show by the contestant. However, STC will allow them to reschedule without penalty if it is available.

• No acts that use fire, knives or any other safety hazards will be allowed.

• This will be open to all ages, so, on the sole discretion of the Sheboygan Theatre Company, acts are not to contain indecent, obscene, disparaging, libelous or inappropriate content.

• This is a contest for amateurs. Union card-holding performers will not be eligible.

• People are allowed to enter more than one category but will still have to pay an entrance fee for each category they audition in. This does not mean a person can audition more than once in the same category.

• Contestants, if chosen for the showcase, must be available June 11, 2011. There will be runthroughs/ rehearsals throughout the day and the final performance at night.

• Contestants are expected to perform the same act for the showcase as they did for their audition. Although each contestant does have the right to submit change requests to the Sheboygan Theatre Company for review.

• Winner(s) agree to let his/her name and likeness be used, without any additional compensation, by sponsors for publicity. By entering the contest, the Sheboygan Theatre Company has the right to publicize his/her name, voice, talent and likeness and the fact that he/she won.

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