Marriage licenses – June 4-Aug. 13, 2011

The following couples applied for a marriage license at the Sheboygan County Courthouse.

June 4 – Katherine Davis and Joshua Arnold, city of Temecula

June 10 – Marissa Kophamel and Jason Choate, city of Sheboygan; Jessica Soukup and Rafi Gogus, city of Woodland Hills; Kalia Thao and Kengkue Vue, city of Sheboygan; Raney Anderson and Travis Ninnemann, city of Tucson

June 11 – Sasha Morris and Thomas Casper, city of Sheboygan

June 18 – Jesse Shea and Joseph Brunette, city of Sheboygan; Melissa Quade, town of Mitchell, and Bradley Cordell, city of Ocala

June 19 – Beth Strege, village of Howards Grove, and Douglas Johnson, city of Sheboygan

June 24 – Mary Vang and Dale Radtke, town of Mitchell; Ann Slife, village of Belgium, and James Fillion, city of Sheboygan; Danielle Ristow and Michael Jarosinski, city of Sheboygan

June 25 – Tracy Geigner and Luke Kwekkeboom, city of Sheboygan; Michelle Fritsch and Paul Fenrich, city of Sheboygan; Danielle Napiwocki and Casey Hoff, town of Sheboygan; Deborah Pack and Thomas Antonie, city of Sheboygan; Lisa Feldmann and Brian Thill, city of Plymouth; Kathy Fink and Jeremiah Rehrauer, city of Sheboygan; Susan Webb and Scott Esson, city of Sheboygan; Megan Hummitzsch and Peter Frantz, city of Sheboygan; Ashley Eissens and Jacob Horst, city of Sheboygan; Jessica McCabe, town of Wilson, and Daniel Lueptow, town of Holland; Christine Bauer and Nicholas Perronne, town of Lyndon

July 1 – Angelita Torres and Mark Rothering, city of Sheboygan; Dianne Turner and Eric Trempe, town of Lima; Laura Manz and Zachary Arbuckle, city of Plymouth; Sarah Pirrung and Eric Pirrung, city of Sheboygan; Victoria Heidenreiter and Robert Gardner Jr., city of Sheboygan

July 2 – Sarah McBroom and John Wagner, village of Howards Grove; Jessica Grohman and Jason Jacoby, city of Sheboygan; Amanda Melvin and James Vanhammond, city of Sheboygan; Lori Teunissen and John-Peter Norum, town of Scott; Emily Acterberg, city of Manitowoc, and Thomas Kiehnau, town of Russell; Erin Kuszynski and Travis Kestell, city of Plymouth; Kia Carlson, village of Oostburg, and Jacob Hesselink, town of Lima; Caitlin Kerns, village of Glencoe, and Michael Kremer, village of Maplewood; Catherine Schultz and Timothy Keepers, city of Atlanta; Nena Jakovac and Peter Bemis, city of Plymouth; Tarra Riskey, city of Scottsdale, and Vincent Hrabrich IV, town of Sheboygan; Megan Sofen and Daniel Opel, city of Oak Park; Hye Jin Park and Dustin Uhl, city of Sheboygan; Brenda Rood and Brandon Hofmann, city of Plymouth; Darci Bergelin, town of Herman, and Timothy Fraker, city of New Braunfels

July 3 – Jaime Schmidt and John-Mark Patterson, city of Chicago; Anita Schabacker, city of Rochelle, and Michael Friedlund, city of Dekalb

July 7 – Debra Horness and James Bayer II, city of Sheboygan Falls

July 8 – Jessica Ferry and Shane Renzelman, city of Sheboygan; Peggy Klein, city of Sheboygan Falls, and Warren Wilson, city of Sheboygan

July 9 – Katie Meinen, village of Cedar Grove, and Michael Lubbert, city of Sheboygan; Kimberly Adamson and Brian Kotlowski, village of Howards Grove; Nicole Rudie and Scott Raeder, city of Sheboygan; Stephanie Clutts, city of Lexington, and Daniel Stoelb, city of Versailles; Kristen Schneidewent and Christopher Halcomb, city of Plymouth; Nina Mitchell and Brent Schaub, town of Sheboygan; Amanda Gatzke, city of Sheboygan, and Christopher Niemuth, town of Holland; Christy Nohelty and Justin Broehm, city of Sheboygan; Sherry Bailey, city of Chicago, and Duane Peterson, city of Sheboygan; Rebecca Phillip, town of Lima, and Blake Schanen, town of Belgium; Amy Ketterman and Jeremy Zabel, city of Minneapolis

July 14 – Lee Yang and Tou Lee, city of Sheboygan

July 15 – Elena Schwaller and Jon Staabs, city of Sheboygan; Carla Freitas De Melo, city of Milwaukee, and Jose Sigala, city of Sheboygan; Jodi Armstrong and Joseph Parra, city of Sheboygan Falls; Kelly Sommerfeldt and William Kalk, city of Sheboygan; Katie Przybylski, town of Angelica, and Robert Broetzmann, city of Cedar Grove; Jessica Bradley and Scott Sampolinski, city of Sheboygan

July 16 – Rebecca Schipper and Steven Te Beest, village of Oostburg; Heidi Kramer, city of Sheboygan, and Seth Gudmundson, city of Cedarburg; Amanda Pantel, town of Wilson, and Huston Sprang, village of Howards Grove; Tiffany Thompson, town of Plymouth, and Jon Immel, town of Greenbush; Kia Lee, city of Milwaukee, and Dao Vang, city of Sheboygan; Nicole Suemnicht and Nicholas Polster, town of Greenbush; Rachal Miller and Ross Derosier, city of Sheboygan; Megan Schultz and Christopher Ward, city of Canadian

July 17 – Christine Amosson and Salloum Abousaleh, city of Chicago

July 23 – Jennifer Kushner, city of Sheboygan, and Ross Gamble, town of Rockland; Brooke Bohannon and Jason Sowers, city of Chicago; Kate Gehring and Adam Pederson, town of Sheboygan; Amy Puddy and David Cooper, city of Kalamazoo; Kirsten Bergemann and Anthony Ramon aka Ray Beaumont, city of Sheboygan; Kayla Knier and John Schmitz, city of Sheboygan; Kabao Xiong and Christopher Yang, city of Sheboygan; Sheryl Morrison and Joshua Green, city of Norfolk; Jennifer Herrera and Nicholas Pocian, city of Sheboygan; Katie Huebner and Taylor Verbanac, village of Random Lake; Sadie Meinen, village of Cedar Grove, and Matthew Mentink, village of Oostburg; Samantha Geiger, city of Sheboygan, and Ryan DeVriend, town of Sheboygan

July 24 – Vicki Diener and Steven Shircel, city of Sheboygan; Diane Beckmann, village of Howards Grove, and Steven Marotz, village of Kohler

July 25 – Sarah Eldred and Harley Smith, city of Sheboygan; Kathleen Vorpahl and George Gillis, town of Mitchell; Lisa Frank and Silas Vanderweele, city of Sheboygan

July 29 – Rebecca Schiller and Michael Huberty, city of Sheboygan; Rebecca Umentum, city of Darien, and James Spevak, city of Geneva; Amy Moses and Gary Klumb Jr., city of Sheboygan

July 30 – Tabitha Zipperer, town of Sheboygan, and Matthew Farnsworth, town of Belgium; Sandra Radke and Michael Reisenauer, city of Sheboygan; Kayla Lindner and Kyle Kulow, town of Sheboygan Falls; Lori Kortman and Jeffery Weber, city of Sheboygan; Jessica Potter and Emmet Reilly, town of Rhine; Jamie Oonk, town of Sheboygan, and Aaron Kueck, city of New London; Megan Schoening, city of Sheboygan, and Derek Yurk, city of Madison; Anne Jelinek, city of Orland Park, and Craig Yeates, city of Lockport; Sarah Miller and Ruben Torres Jr., town of Mosel; Tanya Hanson and Cory Garcia, city of Sheboygan

Aug. 5 – Dawn Koenig and James Steffen, town of Sheboygan

Aug. 6 – Kimberly Grassie and Shane Konen, city of Brooklyn; Rosanna Van Maaren and Nathan Felten, city of Sheboygan; Paige Ledeboer, village of Oostburg, and Bradley Woltring, town of Holland; Kristine Schuh and Brenton Rabe, town of Sheboygan; Anna Butzen and Kyle Kaboord, city of Sheboygan; Lisa Verhulst, town of Sheboygan, and Brian Zeleznikar, town of Rhine; Katrina Renk and Matthew Poppe, town of Plymouth

Aug. 13 – Ashley Reetz and Brian Liebenthal, city of Plymouth

Domestic partnerships

The following couples applied for a domestic partnership license at the Sheboygan County Courthouse on the dates listed.

July 20 – Andrew Glaeser and James McConnell, town of Scott

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