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us busted and began trotting

through the woods. At 50 yards

the buck stopped broadside and

offered a perfect shot. Allie

could not find it with her scope

and mildly panicked.

When the buck started trot-ting


again she saw it, followed

it with her scope and I told her

she could shoot if she felt good

about her shot. At 70 yards Allie

took her first shot at a deer – the

only deer that we saw while


We did not know it until we

walked up to her first buck but

she had shot right through a tree

that was next to the buck and

made a perfect shot on an awe-some


seven-pointer with a very

heavy body.

Allie Schuster is hooked. She

will be a Red Brush Hunter!


Allie Schuster is 13 and an

eighth grader at DeForest

Middle School. Allie is my great

niece and I try to emphasize to

her that I am her “GREAT”


Allie really likes basketball,

especially volleyball and giving

me a hard time.

Until this past November

when Allie sat with her father

Shane Schuster, who is a long-time


member of The Red Brush

Gang, it did not look like she

would be interested in deer

hunting. Allie did not hunt but

sat in a tree stand with her dad

and did not see a deer.

This past weekend I took Allie

on Wisconsin’s “Youth Deer

Hunt” to my good friends Ben

and Angie Gruber’s farm in

Wood County near Auburndale.

Friday, Oct. 6

High 62, Low 44

So here is the deal. Yesterday I

came here and set up my Eskimo

“Fat Shack” which in reality is a

13-by-7-foot turkey blind style

of ice-fishing shack. Allie and

I would be camping in that and

I also put a portable stand next

to a ladder stand which is in a

wooded natural funnel between

two fields.

Selina and I hunted here last

year and she harvested an eight-point


buck and a mature doe.

Here is what put a big, wet twist

on this weekend. From 2 p.m.

Friday until midnight Saturday

4 inches of rain would fall.

On Thursday I put an umbrella

above our stand and that liter-ally


saved the weekend along

with a large tarp over The Fat


Saturday, Oct. 7

High 60, Low 46

Allie and I are sitting in the

stand an hour before daylight

and I have rubbed cow manure

all over the base of our tree.

Allie did not like it when I put

my hands an inch from her nose.

My young hunter is using my

BAR 30:06 and she starts her

first hunt by having me teach

her to aim the gun in the five-best


directions that a deer might

come from. Allie would do this

once an hour over the next two

days and it really makes a dif-ference


when a deer shows up.

It is raining and Allie is wear-ing


Selina’s chest waders and

a rain jacket as I am, and the

real lifesaver is the umbrella.

We are hunting directly over a

creek and had quite the laugh

when a rabbit approached and

made a lame attempt at jumping

the creek and went completely

underwater before swimming to


We did not see a deer and went

back to camp where we had

fresh bear steaks (Selina’s bear)

for lunch and had a snooze.

This evening we did not see a

deer but had a mother otter and

her five young swim directly

underneath us and it was very

cool to watch them in the pour-ing



Sunday, Oct. 8

High 72, Low 51

The rains were gone as we

walked to our stand underneath

the stars with very high hopes.

As usual, Allie and I gave each

other a verbal jab at every

opportunity. As it was getting

light, without being told, Allie

was aiming her gun in various


At 7 a.m., Allie gave me a light

jab and I looked to my right.

Not 20 feet away was a seven-point


buck about to cross the

creek. It appeared to see us and

Allie could not aim the BAR as

the buck was staring right at us.

This experience lasted about

eight minutes and the deer had

A well-earned first buck




Dave Hanson Agency


1407 Eastern Ave., Plymouth
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