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Where do the sky, ocean and sand... At the seashore, of course!

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Kids: color
stuff in!

Fun in the Sun at the Beach!
Throw the Hey, who are you talking to?
ball, please,
Cousin Echo!
on dinner
I love
Steamy, sunny summer days nt w ords clams
differe to read!
are a great time to visit the and circle 18 r 's'? tr
beach. I like to swim, leap and u find lette easures driftwood
Can yo t begin with the
dive in the surf! What do you like e tha 1 seagulls
to do? I'll be looking for you! this pag waves 5 6
Fill in the crossword puzzle with these Knock!
“fun in the sun” activities at the beach. Knock!
there? 3 4
1. drinking lots of ______ and picnicking on a blanket
Shelly. 2
2. strolling along the ______, feeling the sand, water, Shelly 8 people
wind and sun who?
3. reading, resting and basking under the ______ WE HAVE 25 MURALS IN 7 DOWNTOWN PLYMOUTH!
4. searching for and collecting ______ : shells, e
... 10 shor
seastars, smooth stones Take a real lifeHey, water sand
5. throwing bread crusts to the ______ near the rocks
6. picking up gnarled pieces of ______ Scavenger
Nothing, he
Shelly who?
What did 9
to use in a garden display
Hunt -
clammed up!
7. digging up ______ in the mud when the tide goes out Get it? Get it?
he say?

8. climbing the rocks of the __________ to watch
ships passing and people fishing Mural Walk gro
People at the Beach
9. bodysurfing in the roaring, salty ______ through the streets
10. watching ______ play, swim, walk their pets of historic downtown 1. f ___ milie___ 3. i___e ___ream vendor
11. shoveling, piling and dripping wet ______ to build a castle
2. beac___ pa___rol 4. ___ ifeguar___s
12. fishing for ______ from the pier
Oct. 1
Thank you from 10am to 4pm
to the Individuals and
families and invited The Beer
Belly Idols
following to participate in
Plymouth Arts
Plymouth will take
Center’s Mural the stage
sponsors! Scavenger Hunt. from
6 to 9pm.
P i awarded
Prizes d d 44pm ffollowed
ll d Tickets for
To sponsor kids page… by entertainment from 4:30 the evening
to 5:30pm by Plymouth High music are: $8 in FOR MORE INF
Call your sales rep. School’s German Band, the advance or $10 AND TO REGISTE
Kay 980-9150 Junge Kameraden. at the Door. www.plymoutharts

Nancy 980-9151

15 per Plymouth

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