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Serious Neck Pain?
It can affect your sleep, your marriage and
your job. Nothing’s worse than feeling great
mentally, but physically feeling held back
from life because your neck hurts and the
pain just won’t go away!

The following conditions can be caused
by a problem in your neck...
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Numbness and tingling in the
arms and hands
• Cervical disc bulging and herniations Is neck pain keeping you from
• Weakness in the arms/hands enjoying life?
• Neck Pain
• Headaches intervention that achieved statistically signifi-
• Tension in the shoulders cant improvements.” – J Manipulative Physiol
Ther 1999
• Shoulder and arm pain
For 30 days only, $29 will get you all the ser-
My name is Dr. Jeff Wild, owner of Wild Chi- vices I normally charge new patients $250
ropractic. Over the past 30 years since we’ve for! What does this offer include? Everything
opened the doors, I’ve seen hundreds of peo- I normally do in my new patient evaluation.
ple with neck pain, arm problems and head- Just call before July 31, 2018 and here’s what
aches returned to health and normal activities you’ll get…
after care at our office.
• An in-depth consultation about your
With my “Neck Pain Evaluation” we’ll be able neck problems where I will listen…
find your problem and then correct it. Think really listen…to the details of your case.
of how you’ll feel in just a few short weeks and
see and feel your life change for the better. • A complete neuromuscular examination.
As you begin to see motion returning to your • A full set of specialized x-rays to deter-
joints, you’ll be able to live life like a normal mine if a spinal problem is contributing to
person again, without neck pain -- able to play your pain or symptoms… (NOTE: These
with your kids, enjoy time with friends, and would normally cost you at least $100).
not have to worry that your pain will hit you at • A thorough analysis of your exam and x-
just the wrong time. ray findings so we can start mapping out
“Will This Really Work For Me?” your plan to being pain free.
A recent scientific study showed chiroprac- • A special report complimenting your rec-
tic adjustments outperformed massage treat- ommendations that reveals the foods you
ments in reducing pain. The study concluded should and should not eat, the best way to
that patients with chronic neck pain showed sleep and how to reduce stress.
“clinically important improvements from a Remember, this offer expires July 31, 2018 so
course of spinal manipulation… The current call today. I may be able to help you live a nor-
evidence does not support a similar level of mal, pain-free life again…458-8886.
benefit from massage.” – J Manipulative Physi- For information on the services at
ol Ther 2007 Wild Chiropractic, check us out at
In another study comparing acupuncture, a chiropractorsheboyganwi.com
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, and *Sorry, but only the consultation (not the
spinal manipulation found… examination or x-rays) is allowed for those
“After a median intervention period of 30 insured by Medicaid, Medicare or Medicare
days, spinal manipulation was the only replacement plans.
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