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Do You Have Any of the Following


• Sciatica

• Lower Back Pain

• Muscle spasm or strains

• Bulging lumbar discs

• Numbness or soreness in your legs

• Shooting hip or thigh pain

Having back and leg pain can bring life to

a standstill.

You might not be able to play golf, work,

or even sit in the car for a 30-minute drive.

It’s almost impossible for anyone around

you to understand how you feel. You can’t

remember the last time you even had a

restful night’s sleep.

You’ve got too many dreams left undone to

let leg pain slow you down. Too many spe-cial


moments waiting to be experienced.

My name is Dr. Jeff Wild, owner of Wild

Chiropractic. Over the past 30 years since

we’ve opened the doors, I’ve seen hundreds

of people with leg pain live more pain-free

lives after chiropractic care.

Because I’ve seen it with my own eyes,

I strongly believe... Leg pain is NOT “just

a part of life” and something you have to

live with.

Chiropractic care has a long track record

in helping people with sciatica and leg

pain. Here’s what a study said about


“Manipulation [chiropractic adjustments],

with or without exercise, improved symp-toms


more than Medical care did after

both 3 and 12 months” - British Medical


This means in just a matter of weeks you

could be back on the golf course, enjoying

your love life, or traveling again.

For 14 days only, I’m running a very spe-cial


offer where you can find out how

much this amazing treatment can help

your leg pain.

What does this offer include? Everything

I normally do in my new patient evalua-tion


for only $29.

Just call before March 27, 2018 and here’s

what you’ll get...

An in-depth consultation about your

health and well-being where I will listen...

really listen... to the details of your case.

A complete neuromuscular examination,

full set of specialized x-rays (if necessary),

and a thorough analysis of your exam and

x-ray findings so we can start mapping out

your plan to being pain free.

You’ll get to see everything first hand and

find out if this amazing treatment will be

your leg pain solution, like it has been for

so many other patients.

Life is too short to let pain slow you down.

Call now. 458-8886.

For information on the services at

Wild Chiropractic, check us out at


*Sorry, but only the consultation (not the exam-ination


or x-rays) is allowed for those insured by

Medicaid, Medicare or Medicare replacement


Sciatica? Leg Pain?


Is leg pain keeping you from

enjoying life?
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