2021-04-02 E-Edition

Resurrecting hope for the American elm

The lineage of Yarmouth, Maine’s famous “Herbie” elm continues

It’s the rebirth of American’s oldest and largest elm. At 110 feet tall and over 230 years old, this venerable tree had survived more than a dozen bouts of Dutch elm disease. Children of the Town of Yarmouth, Maine, named the famous elm “Herbie.” “Herbie” may be gone. However, his resurrection is underway, thanks to the efforts of the Liberty […]

Safeguards eased for fully vaccinated individuals


Since our first COVID-19 case in Sheboygan County just over a year ago, our data is beginning to show promising progress towards recovery. Looking back to December of 2020, Sheboygan County was experiencing a case rate of 967.6 cases per 100,000. Since that time the case rate has decreased 83%, with a current rate of 156.3 per 100,000. Progress can […]

Candidate, referenda choices face voters April 6

Village voters will be facing the most choices in next Tuesday’s spring general election. There are contested races in four of the county’s ten villages on the April 6 ballot, which also features choices for all county voters for the office of state superintendent of public instruction and a District 2 Court of Appeals judge. Polls for the spring general […]

Stage 2 of State 28, County EE roundabout commences

Work is now under way on state 2 of the long-awaited roundabout construction project at the State 28-County EE intersection. In fall 2020, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WiSDOT) completed grading work d at the State 28-County EE, which has earned a reputation as one of the most dangerous intersections in Sheboygan County due to the high speeds, unusual angles […]

City’s design guidelines advance

PLYMOUTH — The city could be working with the Bay-Lakes Regional Planning Commission on two future planning and design documents. The City Council Tuesday gave City Administrator Jordan Skiff the go-ahead to seek contracts with Bay-Lakes for revisiting the dormant proposed downtown design guidelines and to conduct the 10-year update of the city’s Smart Growth master plan. Skiff noted that […]

Remote vs. in-person meetings debated

PLYMOUTH — The city will continue to provide for remote attendance of council and committee meetings — for now. The City Council Tuesday modified an ordinance amendment that would have allowed the mayor to “convene a remote meeting of the … council … if (it) … best serves the public health and safety.” The remote meeting authorization, adopted last year […]

Mollusc shell carpet

The waves of Lake Winnebago formed this foot-deep pile of Zebra and Quagga Mussels along the shoreline. If that’s any indication of the number of these invasive species, the lake bottom would be carpeted with them. Mollusceating ducks must be enjoying a gastronomic delight.

Exercise the right to vote next Tuesday

FALL NATIONAL ELECTIONS — ESPECIALLY the last one — seem to draw the most ‘Sturm und Drang’ and, by far, voter turnout. In terms of money spent and attention focused on them, spring local elections — like the one scheduled for next Tuesday, April 6 — tend to be greatly overshadowed and too often overlooked. Year in and year out, […]

No new deaths in 14 days

In a clear sign of improving COVID conditions, especially for the most vulnerable, Sheboygan County has gone for 14 days with no new COVID-19 deaths. The last stretch 14 days or longer with no new deaths was in late August of 2020, when there were only 8 total deaths in the county. The current total deaths is 133 as of […]