Road woes

To the Editor:

I live in the Covington Park Condo in Sheboygan Falls. Every year more and more people are living in this area west of McDonalds.

They keep building more apartments to the west, and now there are more condos going up to the south. More and more people are moving in, and there is only one way out of here.

There needs to be a traffic light at the intersection by McDonalds and/or some of the roads need to connect with other roads, so there are other ways to get out.

There are two options. Happy Lane could connect with Bluebird (Lane) to the west and/or Covington Drive could go through to (County) C.

I think there are roads pretty far north of Piggly Wiggly now. Those roads should come farther to meet with up Covington.

I hope these are considerations for the near future.

LuAnn Goetsch

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