Double standard

To the Editor:

David Prosser should not be elected to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. His failure to uphold the high ideals expected of a member of the court requires rejection Tuesday, April 5.

There is no question that both candidates for office of the state Supreme Court are highly talented, have a great deal of experience and are skilled. But Prosser's admission that as leader of the Assembly, “legislative (state) employees under him routinely worked on private political campaigns, even at the Capitol,” and “acknowledge in the (court) filing that they used their taxpayer-funded caucus staffs for campaigning.” (Story by reporter Dee J. Hall, Madison, Feb. 3, 2006)

State employees hired by the state of Wisconsin are clearly directed that they cannot do campaign work while on state time and doing so is a violation of their employment. Prosser held a double standard –something that is not acceptable for someone on the Supreme Court.

What followed shortly after Prosser left the Assembly was one of the great scandals in Wisconsin history. Republican Assembly legislators and staff and Democrat Senate legislators and staff were found guilty of wrongdoing by the courts. As reported in the court case of Republican Assembly leader Scott Jensen, one of many examples, campaign checks would be taken in by Assembly staff (state) workers at the Capitol, someone would stand guard at the door while others would photocopy the checks for Jensen and other Republican members of the Assembly. In this case, the law was not only blind, it was corrupted.

Justice David Prosser accepted responsibility for allowing state legislative employee staff to campaign at the state Capitol. And while he may have done good in his life, he does not deserve to be on Wisconsin's highest court. Please elect JoAnne Kloppenburg state Supreme Court justice.

Jim Baumgart


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