City ready to sell foreclosed Main Street house

by Emmitt B. Feldner of the Review staff

PLYMOUTH — You can’t buy City Hall, but you can buy a house from the city.

The City Council Tuesday authorized Director of City Services Brian Yerges to seek bids for a vacant house at 615 E. Main St.

The city was granted the property last fall in lieu of back taxes last fall in Sheboygan County Circuit Court. The home, which had been vacant for several years, was foreclosed on, but the bank declined to take title to the property.

The removal of personal property from the home was completed recently, Yerges reported in a memo to the council.

The sale will have a minimum price of $15,000, with the purchaser also liable for $16,414.19 in back taxes still owed. The city has spent $11,885.53 to date on the property and Yerges said future legal costs to complete the sale should not come to more than $1,000.

Alderman Jim Faller asked what the property is assessed at and questioned whether the city shouldn’t sell it for its assessed value.

“There’s a substantial cost to refurbishing that building for whoever buys it,” Alderman Ronald Lade pointed out.

Building Inspector Peter Scheuermann agreed. He noted that both the exterior and the interior need extensive work and estimated that the cost of necessary repairs will likely far exceed the $15,000 reserve price and $16,414.19 in taxes a purchaser would have to pay.

Lade’s motion to authorize the bids for the house stipulated that the city would reserve the right to reject any bid for any reason. If the city does not receive an acceptable bid, he added, the property should be auctioned off in six months.

The council approved the vacation of the extension of Prospect Avenue east of Appleton Street that was never developed.

The never-built street is now surrounded by GTS property on the east side of Appleton, City Attorney Crystal Fieber explained.

“That was a number of individual lots and Prospect was projected to connect (to the east) to a Traxler Street,” another street that was never developed, on old city maps, Fieber told the council.

“At the last meeting I did bring up that there were some neighborhood concerns,” about the street vacation, Alderperson Jackie Jarvis stated. “We are planning to have a meeting of the neighbors with Brian Goelzer of GTS to see if there is a solution to the issue of refrigerated trucks and where they’re parked at night.”

Elaine Burgess and Betsy Kiedrowski were appointed to fill out the remaining year of two positions on the Committee of Aging, while Deborah Enockson and Dr. Frederick Lord were named the city’s humane officers.

The Plymouth Arts Center received permission to close off a block of North Street for the Plymouth Festival of Fine Arts June 11, along with a temporary beer license for the event.

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