Government works is not an oxymoron here

SOME PEOPLE MIGHT SAY that “government works” is a contradiction in terms.

But that’s far from true here in Sheboygan County — especially county government.

The county showed off its many departments last week with open houses for the public during their first annual Sheboygan County Government Works Week.

It was an attempt to demonstrate to the public the many ways county government impacts their daily lives and the important roles county government plays.

The week also kicked off a series of articles, currently running in The Review and available on the county’s website,, introducing each department and explaining their function.

From providing and maintaining transportation infrastructure to keeping us safe and secure at home and on the road, from providing the tools to foster economic growth to providing support for individuals facing economic hardship, and caring for the health and well-being of county residents from birth to death, county government plays many huge and too often unrecognized roles in our daily lives.

And in the case of Sheboygan County, it provides all those services in a cost-efficient and fiscally prudent manner that is the envy of every other county in the state.

That is the result of many factors. It begins with dedicated, caring employees willing to make sacrifices when necessary and serve their friends and neighbors in the county. It carries on through management personnel committed to providing needed services while protecting the fiscal interests of taxpayers. And it carries on through elected officials who share all of that with their employees.

It’s the kind of successful teamwork that too often goes unrewarded and unrecognized. It’s the kind of successful teamwork that many other units of government, at levels both above and below the county level, would do well to emulate. And it’s the kind of successful teamwork that, when it isn’t there or when it fails, is too easily seen and felt by all of us and leads to criticism and distrust of government.

The bottom line is that our government is us — it serves us, meets our needs and answers to us.

When government works, like it does in Sheboygan County, we all benefit.

At issue: County government works
Bottom line: Well for all of us

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