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Two state senators who represent parts of Sheboygan County told a Chamber of Commerce at a recent gathering that the Republican-led Legislature is creating a climate for economic growth and job creation in its current special session, despite criticism from Democrats that bills passed in the session are peripheral to job creation. Sen. Joe Leibham and Sen. Glenn Grothman said, “We’ve had a very aggressive session on job creation, creating an environment for job growth in Wisconsin … we've passed significant legislation in litigation reform, tax reform, regulatory reform and education reform.”

I disagree. If citizens would take a close look at all that legislation, you will find it is anticonsumer, anti-worker, and anti-teacher.

I recently attended one of Sen. Leibham’s listening sessions. After looking at the list of proposed legislation, I told him that I understood that businesses want “certainty” on what their expenses will be for operating their business; but this legislation must be balanced to also protect the consumers, workers, and educators. That did not happen!

Leibham continues to only represent a part of his constituents. He told the chamber that “I've got a couple of citizens who are disappointed in the work I've done in the Capitol and they've expressed concern about that.”

I know I am one of those citizens … who is the other one?

John Binder

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