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To the Editor:

Gov. Walker’s “State of the State” speech was full of half-truths. That was expected because it was a campaign speech for the recalls.

Part of his speech disheartened me. Walker said, "But I didn't want to pass that burden (budget deficit) on to my sons and their generation. I want our kids and grandkids to inherit a Wisconsin even greater than the one we did."

I was disheartened because of the over $2 billion raid on education funding (Public Schools+University Schools+ Technical Schools). Our kids will inherit less because of the missed opportunities in their education journey.

Public school students across this state will have less opportunity to experience a quality education. News stories are appearing that show schools struggling to put together preliminary budgets for the second year of this biennium budget. Pending staff reductions, larger class sizes, and reduced offerings will make it a challenge for school districts to maintain quality education. Even the new reading initiative may be doomed because increasing class sizes makes it difficult to spend quality time on effective reading activities.

Increasing tuition for our University system will close the door to more of our citizens. Those who do graduate will have huge debts to pay back which will decrease their spending in an economy that so desperately needs consumers.

It will be more difficult for future workers or returning workers to get the education they need from our technical colleges because of the budget cuts. Well trained workers are so desperately needed by our employers.

Yes...I am disheartened. But I am also excited by the prospect that the recalls will result in new leaders who will truly work to lessen the burden we place on our future generations. Leaders who will truly work to have our grandkids inherit a "Wisconsin even greater than the one we did."

John Binder, Plymouth

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