Never-ending John Doe

Presented by the Republican Party of Sheboygan County
by Dennis Gasper for the Republican Party of Sheboygan County

Two years ago, then County Executive Scott Walker reported to the district attorney of Milwaukee County that there were funds missing from a program called Operation Freedom. A John Doe investigation ensued in which a man was charged with five felony counts. And that is where the investigation should have ended. What has occurred since then is a lesson in how to use the office of the Milwaukee district attorney for political purposes.

The John Doe investigation that County Executive Walker asked for goes on and on without any end date or obvious goal beyond the already-achieved felony charges. For all of their efforts and costs, the investigators from the Milwaukee district attorney’s office have found a few minor infractions such as: a staffer campaigning while working for the county and a campaign contributor who allegedly donated more money to the Walker campaign than allowed by law. These are infractions that all candidates instruct their people to avoid but yet are inevitable in a large campaign. So what is the district attorney trying to achieve by not closing this never-ending investigation?

Start by knowing the fact that 43 people in the district attorney’s office signed petitions to recall Gov. Walker. These individuals have decided that they do not want Walker to be governor of Wisconsin. In fact, you could easily make the case that the office of the District Attorney, as a group, is made up of Democrats who favor the recall of the governor. These people know no shame when it comes to skewering a political opponent. To them, politics is about power and control and Walker is standing in their way. They want a “do-over” of the 2010 election. It was not hard to figure out what would happen next.

I have seen a brochure full of lies produced by We Are Wisconsin Political Fund, a union-backed PAC, that accuses Walker of “lies – corruption – scandals.”

Commentators and pundits point to the John Doe as if to suggest that Walker is under investigation, when the fact is Walker called for the investigation. None of those information outlets bother to credit Walker with identifying a problem and taking the proper steps to bring the perpetrators to justice. Tom Barrett’s first ads were not about collective bargaining; that issue isn’t polling well, so he is suggesting that our governor is corrupt because of the never-ending witch hunt by the Democrats in the DA’s office.

In Wisconsin, we don’t appreciate negative advertising, especially when those messages are false. And don’t expect a media that is sympathetic to liberal politicians to point out the truth about Governor Walker. Before this is over, you are going to hear many more ads referencing the John Doe investigation, but few that will admit that Walker is not being investigated. Don’t be taken in.

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It is equally appalling that
Submitted by (not verified) on Tue, 2012-05-22 21:25.
It is equally appalling that the Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm is not only aware of strategically-timed "leaks" in the investigation, but refuses to do anything to stop them. Now we also find that the Chief Investigator, David Budde, has a Recall Walker yard sign in his own yard plus the famous "Blue Fist" Union Solidarity sign on his front door. Not only should Chisholm and Budde excuse themselves from this "secret" investigation because of their extreme biases against the Governor: but if they have any speck of honor or decncy left at all, they should call off this manufactured "witchhunt" immediately. Judi Pool Plymouth, WI
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