Department of Public Work Director replaced

HOWARDS GROVE—The village of Howard Grove has announced the selection of a Department of Public Works Director to replace current DPW Jim Schuette, who is retiring this summer.

Board members tabled the consideration to appoint the candidate until clerk/treasurer Lavonne Athorp receives acceptance of a contract from the candidate.

A request to construct a berm at 322 Millersville Ave. along village property was granted for the Emmerling property due to a flooding issue that was previously requested.

Repairs to the fire station and landscaping were approved. There was an allowance of $100 made available to replace tree bark for landscaping.

Resolution 02-2012 Compliance Maintenance Report for 2011 was approved.

The planning commission recommendation for a lot split for the Schnell/Kraemer property at 346 Millersville Ave. was approved.

The Finance Committee approved Class B Beer&Liquor License Applications, Class A Beer&Liquor License, Class A Beer License, Class B Beer License, New and renewal 1 and 2-year Operators Licenses, Cigarette Licenses, Amusement and Arcade Licenses and Vending Machine Licenses for village businesses and personnel.

Village President Jim Scheiber reminded the trustees on legal question policies, which should be directed to himself or Athorp before talking with the village attorney.

Scheiber also reminded the trustees about the 2012 budget compliance and to start preparation on 2013 budgets.

Scheiber read a proclamation recognizing Lakeland College for their 150th anniversary. Lakeland College was founded in 1862 and has been a valued member of the Howards Grove community.

In a meeting June 5, an update on the Riverside Park storage shed was given by chairman Jim Meinnert. Meinnert noted that there have been some minor revisions made to the shed design.

Schuette asked that the project keep moving, so that the final cost analysis can be reached and whether it would be included in the engineering costs.

Lakeshore Pallet has indicated that they are not burning garbage or green wood. They only are burning during favorable weather conditions, which should reduce neighbor complaints. The board will make a follow-up.

Trustees approved the re-opening of Coffee Shop at 622 Madison Ave.

A building permit fee was waived for the Howards Grove School District as long as the village doesn’t incur actual inspection costs by a vote of 5-2.

Work on the Memorial Park Dugout has been completed.

Scheiber read a proclamation for St. Paul’s Lutheran Church celebrating its 150th anniversary.

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