Rave on, it’s a ribbon feeling


What do you get when you have a MacGyver idea, an almost genius mind and your specialty in 4-H is electronics? Why, it’s a RAVE in a BOX!

That’s what Randy Niffenegger, 15, Waldo, has invented and won a merit award on his project at the Sheboygan County Fair.

The son of Tammie and Fred is a member of the Scott Pioneers 4-H Club and devised his creation while listening to music.

“When I was listening to the music I saw the speaker vibrating,” said Niffenegger. “I have a laser, in my pocket, all of the time and use it to shine on things to see effects of the items. So, I decided to take a mirror, tape it to a speaker and shine my laser on the mirror and from the vibrations it moved the mirror around and created a pattern on the ceiling. So, this was created.

“I took an old computer case and started playing with different things to see how the lights reflected off of them,” said Niffenegger. “The main idea was the mirror and the speaker and I thought of other things that would distort the light.”

“One was the tinsel,” explained Niffenegger. “It was like a disco ball attached to a motor.”

“Then I took a clear CD cover, took a soldering iron and melted one edge,” said Niffenegger. “I melted one edge, put on some glue drizzle and that made a nice pattern.”

“Next I took a bike reflector and a window ornament,” said Niffenegger, and that was a very interesting pattern, and I added six lasers on it with three different colors.”

“I hooked the entire thing to one power supply and can plug it in and turn it on,” said Niffenegger. “I had to work with circuits, so I went on line and found other people’s ideas on how to reduce energy to the lasers to not burn them up and modified them to my needs. I had burned up three lasers before it was refined.”

“I will use this in at home in my room,” said Niffenegger.

“I adjusted the case with wood and metal hinges so it’s easy with the hinges for carrying and closure,” added Niffenegger.

“The judge was at a loss for words,” said Niffenegger. “He was impressed that I was ambitious enough to do this. I want to go into something with physics.”

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