Smith awarded merit for fishing pole project

by Verla Peichl Review Correspondent

AMANDA SMITH AMANDA SMITH To some this may look like just another fancy fishing pole, but to Amanda Smith, age 17, Plymouth, this pole has a dual purpose. One, she made it herself and has won a merit award at the Sheboygan County Fair and two, as a little girl, she had seen her grandfather make fishing poles and had always wanted to make one with him.

The daughter of Althea and Edson is a member of the Round Abouts 4-H Club and thanks to the self determined category she could make a hand built fishing rod.

“This was something that my Grandpa used to do and I wanted him to teach me how to do before he passed away, but after he did pass away it took me a couple of years to look into trying it by myself,” said Smith. “So I asked other people who had made smaller rods and I had to learn about glue, how to wrap designs and then I got a kit.”

“I didn’t know there was such a kit until I started looking for one!” said Smith. “I found it through Cabala’s after I had looked on the internet, refined my search and found what I was looking for at Cabala’s.”

“This is a casting rod,” explained Smith. “It’s nine feet. I’m not sure what type of fish can be caught with this but the project was done not for fishing as much as because my grandfather had made rods.”

“My Grandfather made every kind,” said Smith. “If it was about fishing, he knew it!”

“I was missing him when I did this, but I learned the wrapping of the design and how to get the eyes to line up,” explained Smith. “The directions were not helpful so I needed to talk to people to help me get things lined up.”

“I found out it was important to get the eyes to line up,” said Smith. “I needed to find the spine and use the opposite side of the strongest part which is different from a fly rod and it has a cork handle.”

“It’s going to be displayed but it can be used if I want to,” said Smith. “It will be a very nice display.”

“I am happy with how it turned out,” said Smith. “My Dad actually has some rods that he wants me to repair.”

“The judge liked the memory that went with it,” said Smith.

“It was difficult getting it done for the fair due to ordering problems,” said Smith, “and it took about 1 & ½ weeks to do once I got the supplies together.”

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