City, PIC need to agree to keep PACC thriving

THE CITY IS LOOKING for a new operational model for the Plymouth Adult Community Center.

Actually, the model they’re looking for, if they can make it happen, isn’t too much different than the current model, which seems to be working quite well.

The center – the former Plymouth Senior Center – has been located at the Generations intergenerational center building since it opened almost two years ago.

The day-to-day operations of the center have been managed by the Plymouth Intergenerational Coalition, which owns and manages the Generations facility, with the city paying almost $56,000 a year in rent for the PACC space in the building and paying PIC $73,500 to cover operating expenses.

Now the city is proposing to end the rental agreement and instead paying PIC a lump sum each year to run the PACC. The city has suggested $133,000 a year for the next two years and $120,000 the following year – roughly equivalent to the total rent and operating expense payments that would be paid over the next three years at the current rate.

The city’s rationale is that this would allow PIC more flexibility in managing the PACC, while continuing the city’s level of support for the center. The city is currently awaiting a response from PIC to its offer.

The Plymouth Adult Community Center has evolved greatly since it was founded in the mid- 1960s. While the city has continued to fund it through the years, it has grown to serve not only city residents but many from surrounding towns, cities and villages – none of whom provide financial support for the center or its programs.

City Administrator Brian Yerges has made it clear that the city will continue to support the center in some form in the future. City officials would like to continue the current arrangement with PIC – which has fostered impressive growth in programming and attendance – but with modifications.

It seems likely that there will be continued negotiations between the city and PIC before an agreement is reached that satisfies both parties. If the city and PIC are unable to reach some agreement, Yerges said, the city will seek other interested parties to operate and manage the PACC.

It is to be hoped that it will not come to that. PIC has done a marvelous job operating the center, and the center provides many needed services and programs for a growing part of the population.

The relationship between the city and the Plymouth Intergenerational Coalition should continue, in some form that is mutually agreeable to both and provides the greatest benefits for those who use the Plymouth Adult Community Center.

At issue:
New PACC agreement
Bottom line:
Need to find common ground

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