Vote suppression?

To the Editor:

This is in response to Gasper’s Right Ravings!

First, Mr. Gasper, Democrats don’t scream. Tune in to Rachel Maddow some night.

Second, as the organizer for the Obama campaign in Plymouth, when I encountered potential voters with Alzheimer’s, I expressed sympathy and marked their information so that we would not contact them again. Where do you get your crazy ideas about what I did during the election? Perhaps you had better be careful how you define the mentally handicapped.

You said that “all you need to do is get a bogus utility bill from 28 days ago with a local address and you can vote. When that is done you” do it again.” When you register in Wisconsin, you need 2 forms of ID. So that means one would need to forge a second document. Then after standing in line for hours, somehow you imagine this mythical person risking a federal offense to cast a second single vote in a country of 313 million people! Are you kidding!

So why is the Republican Party spreading the bogus voter fraud myth, and trying to put obstacles in the way for people who typically vote Democratic?

According to analysis by the Center for American Progress, by 2020, when all Millennial voters are of voting age, about 90 million of them will be eligible to vote and will comprise around 40 percent of all eligible American voters. This parallels changes in minority voters—from 1988 to 2008 the percent of minority voters increased to 26 percent from 15 percent These groups are not buying the party of self deportation, evil gay and lesbians, and trickle-down economics. No wonder Dennis feels the need to rave on!

.Deb Klock

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