Spending caps

To the Editor:

I have some concerns about Gov. Walker’s proposed budget.

The tax cut is too small to stimulate our economy, and should not be done with other problems that we have not addressed. How about paying money back to the trust fund? Or helping struggling school districts like Plymouth?

The freezing of the revenue caps will hurt the Plymouth School District. Personally, I think that some extra funding should just go to the districts that were low spending and are being hurt by the caps.

The current voucher schools should be accountable in the same way public schools are- their kids should have to take the same tests, their books should be open for state inspection, and if Walker wants to expand the system, they should have to take special needs students.

A proposal to institute a 2 tier system for state employees is totally unacceptable. State employees have had pay cuts and freezes for over 10 years. If you want little waste and effective government, you do not lower wages until they cannot support a family.

Deb Klock

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