It’s winter, it’s Wisconsin, so we just deal with it

THERE’S A REASON WHY the weather is one thing everyone talks about – because it’s something we all have to deal with.

And it’s probably something we can all agree about – red and blue, conservative and liberal, Republican and Democrat – and complain about.

We’re dealing with winter again, which is about all we can do about it – deal with it.

A major winter storm struck Sheboygan County this week and it’s got us all tangled up in its web.

Deep, blowing, drifting snow led to cancellations and delays, spinouts and vehicles stuck in ditches, and all the signs of winter in Wisconsin.

It all makes it hard to think that spring is less than three weeks away.

Then again, that’s only according to the calendar. In reality, we know that in Wisconsin spring is really just that brief interlude between the long winter and the all-too-short summer – make that road construction season.

And to think that the groundhog promised us an early spring. Who knew that Punxsutawney Phil is just another politician?

If you’ve lived in Wisconsin long enough – and it doesn’t take too long – you learn to deal with winter, to have the shovel or the snowblower ready at all times, to take it easy when driving on snowcovered roads, to be considerate of others and to soldier on, knowing that eventually, this too shall pass – or melt.

We may have been spoiled a little by a record mild winter just a year ago – although by this point that seems like ages ago.

But Mother Nature and Old Man Winter – a dangerous couple if there ever was one – are always there to remind exactly where we live and what we should expect for a large portion of the year in these parts.

So love it or hate it, revel in it or hide from it, embrace it or curse it, remember that winter is a part of life here in Wisconsin.

Deal with it.

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