State 144 rebuild in 2015 for Silver Creek area explained at DOT meeting

SILVER CREEK — The 6.9 miles of State 144, stretching from State 28 to State 57, will be rebuilt in 2015.

Details were announced on Feb. 19 during an informational meeting conducted by the state Department of Transportation at the Silver Creek Fire Hall.

State 144 is the “main street” of the unincorporated community of Silver Creek in the town of Sherman. The project also includes parts of the town of Scott and the village of Random Lake.

Project manager Kyle Treml said the road will be milled and resurfaced. The asphalt will be expanded to correct shoulder failure. He said there will be a 12-foot travel lane and a 4-foot paved shoulder.

In Silver Creek both lanes will be widened from 10 foot to 12 foot The curb and gutter will be raised to match the pavement surface and to improve drainage.

Right turn lanes will be created at the County DE and County I intersections.

Treml said the project includes improving safety at Lynn Road by upgrading the intersection with tapers as well as curb and gutter.

The curb and gutter from the Mink Creek structure will be expanded to Riverview Road to improve drainage.

The project includes repairing and overlaying the bridge decks over both Mink Creek crossings, at the North Branch of the Milwaukee River, and at Allen Road

Beam guard and end treatments will be replaced to meet current standards.

Treml added that slopes at spot locations will be flattened to improve safety.

Treml said the design has been revised since the first public information meeting, and the lane width was expanded from 11 feet to 12 fet because of increased truck traffic data.

“The existing surface along this portion of State 144 is in poor condition and the previous maintenance treatments are reaching their life expectancy,” Treml said. “All four bridges need concrete deck overlays with two needing repair to the deteriorating bottom edge.

“The proposed project will prolong the life of the roadway and increase safety along State 144 by addressing substandard beam guard and slope flattening.”

The existing box culverts will be removed and replaced with culvert pipes to provide safer roadway slope.

Treml said the highway will be closed to through traffic during construction. “Access will be maintained to local businesses, residences and emergency vehicles,” he said. Cross traffic at side roads will be maintained throughout the project.

Additional right-of-way will be required for this project. Areas of proposed acquisition are limited to locations in Silver Creek for new roadway width, pipe extension, beam guard upgrades and intersection improvements at Riverview Road, County DE, Lynn Road and County I.

Real estate acquisition is scheduled for later this year and in 2014. Utility upgrades will be accomplished in 2014 with road construction starting as soon as possible in 2015.

Silver Creek Fire Chief Todd Stange said he wanted to make sure that access to the fire house is maintained at all times. Treml said that should not be a problem because there are several driveways serving the fire department.

Attending the meeting were about 40 people, including State Rep. Mike Endsley.

Detailed maps showing the entire project corridor were posted for viewing.

When initially commissioned in 1923, State 144 ran along its present routing from West Bend to Random Lake, then continued easterly along present-day County RR to Cedar Grove. In 1939 State 144 was extended westerly via State 33 and southerly via what had been County J to a terminus at State 60 in Slinger.

In 1983-84, State 144 was scaled back by six miles when all of the route east of State 57 at Random Lake was turned back to county control and designated as County RR.

For more information on the 2015 construction project contact Treml at (920) 492-4170 or by e-mail at kyle.treml@dot. Other contacts at the DOT Green Bay office are project leader Barbara Hardy (920) 492-7701, or project supervisor Jim Thompson (920) 492-5670.

This story reprinted from the Random Lake Sounder

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