To the Editor:

I am writing to comment on the February 21 article about School Board President Mark Rhyan, the revenue cap, and an athletic field.

In the article Mr. Rhyan states, “This revenue cap freeze will cost . . . $900,000 over the next two years.” He further states that some 120 letters were sent to the school board petitioning for the renaming of a softball field. The article concludes with a listing of 5 donations to the school board totaling over $7700.

Last year at this time we were uploading hundreds of thousands of petitions for the recall of the governor; petitioners upset with Act 10 and its impact on unionized public sector workers, most especially teachers. That failed recall effort wasted the state (read taxpayers) millions of dollars.

I offer to Mr. Rhyan that he harness the enthusiasm of these ball field petitioners, and the 1300+ individuals who signed the Gov. Walker recall petitions, under our 53073 zip code, and solicit from each of them a $500 donation to the school board. Some petitioners are capable of donating much more. A data search of the I Verify the Recall website offers local professionals such as Mrs. Civil Engineer, Mr. C. Public Accountant, and Drs. Family Physician. But don't limit the search to just those two fields, a 20 minute review of casual acquaintances would yield a long list of local potential donors whose gate swings in that same direction. The likely response is interesting to contemplate.

There is yet another option. As each week passes we hear more horror stories relating to the spooling up of Obamacare to its 2014 implementation. As many more property taxpayers, and apartment dwellers lose their health insurance, jobs, or both, the school board will be less and less able to defend a position that shields school employees from consuming the dregs that is Obamacare, a program most school employees enthusiastically endorsed and thought would never apply to them. Cutting the school board's health insurance costs via Obamacare enrollment is how to close the revenue shortfall.

J. Scott Henkel
Town of Lyndon

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