Adell makes plans to plant more trees

by Bernadette Mondloch Review Correspondent

ADELL - The weatherman continues to provide the village of Adell with a snow day, one day of snowing and the next one or two, thawing days and the next few days, but that didn’t keep the Village Board from thinking spring and trees.

At the February meeting, Trustee Kim Peterson approached the board to report a tree that had been destroyed by lightning and must be removed. The Tree Board has also notified Village Board members that two trees growing on the Jane Schneider property at 638 Wisconsin St. must be removed. The work must be done at the village’s expense.

Peterson has been considering a proposal to present to property owners that they begin planning a replacement for trees that had been taken down earlier.

Director of Public Works Jeff Kreutzinger is compiling a list of property owners to determine if they are interested in ordering larger trees for this project, and he will be taking this out for bids. He will make sure the bids compare “apples to apples” before making approvals and completing a list of other areas where trees could be added within the village to beautify the village. A “request for tree” form is in the making to be filled out by village residents who would be in favor of a tree on their property.

Two village residents, Jim Jentsch and John Brem, both have a few trees in their yards and have offered to donate these trees either for the street project or to move them to the Village Park.

The Tree Board has discussed a variety of trees to purchase from Sheboygan County Planning and Conservation Department. Plans are to purchase a variety of trees that will eventually be used not only in the Village Park, but also for street trees. Included in the list of trees being ordered are Hackberry, Little Leaf Linden, Silver Maple, Dawn Redwood, Mountain Ash, and Red Crabapple.

The board voted to purchase the Workhorse Utility Program at a cost of $7,000, yearly support/training $875, hand held, autogun. Auto-read software, communication and yearly support $3,800. These amounts will be broken down over two years if possible; otherwise the purchase will be made in full in 2013.

Building Inspector Walt Grotelueschen reported that the two houses going up on Wisconsin Street are now in the dry wood stage.

Kreutzinger will be attending the Water 25th Annual Technical Conference.

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