Board approves energy credits sale

by Abby Lynn Harvey of The Review staff

CASCADE – After being tabled at the February meeting of the Village Board, a contract with REpower Now for the sale of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) was approved unanimously at Tuesday evening’s meeting of the Cascade Village Board.

This contract allows the village to sell RECs, which are the non-tangible extra value given to electricity produced by renewable sources, for a value of $13 per megawatt. Trustee Jerry Hendrickson, who has looked into this process, stated that the $13 per megawatt value was the highest he could find. It is estimated that this contract could total roughly $1,500 per year in revenue for the village.

However, the village is only able to sell RECs from one of the village’s two turbines, as the other was built with a grant form We Energies and that company retains the own- ership of the RECs produced by it.

Further discussion on the blockage of the alley located behind Marshall’s Gas ‘n’ Goods revealed that the landowners adjacent to the alley had been confused by the classification of the roadway, as it is not paved or gravel covered. The board was assured that the items being stored in the alley would be moved, but due to unfavorable weather the move has not yet occurred.

A suggestion by Police Chief Cory Roeseler to put gravel down in the alley was addressed as a way to avoid any future confusion. Trustee Todd Starnitckey stated that he did not believe this would be necessary and suggested holding a meeting with the landowners in the spring when the snow has melted to explain where the alley begins and ends. The subject will be handed over to the Streets Committee and addressed in their future meetings.

Trustee Steve Green announced that the village website is now active and updated though current minutes and agendas are not posted at this time. He will be working with Josh Karmasin to develop a process for posting those items.

The new police squad should be in service by early April, Trustee Jim Larson announced, and the old squad will be sold on when the new squad is in service.

Roeseler reported on a second grant which will allow the village to upgrade the speed sign purchased with the first grant to solar power. This will allow the village to place the sign on any post in the village instead of being limited to only the few that could support the sign before the upgrade. Trustees were asked to consider where the sign may be put to the best use and discuss it further at the next meeting.

Hendrickson announced that a tentative date has been set for the unveiling of the Little Free Library at the Village Hall. Weather permitting, the event will occur April 7 at 2 p.m.

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