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To the Editor:

Our present Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction, DR. TONY EVERS, is a graduate of Plymouth High School with over 35 years of experience in the public school system. His opponent in the April 2 election has no experience in the public school system.

Evers expresses pride in Wisconsin’s top ACT scores and its 96% rate of meeting or exceeding accountability expectations. His opponent says that a “difference between ‘choice’ schools and public schools is that the teachers in “choice” schools are there because of a passion for education, not just for a paycheck and benefits. His goal is to make public schools as good as choice schools.

Evers knows that we will have spent over 1.8 billion dollars of public money on vouchers, with no improvement in test scores. Only 42% of Milwaukee voucher students meet or exceed expectations in reading ( MCPC school results for 2011). Only 48% are proficient or above in math. Evers knows that the poor performance in school by Wisconsin students is directly correlated to poverty. But he continues to work on reform in these schools to raise achievement of poor students.

Dr. Evers meets and talks with teachers who are on the front line in education. His opponent wants to focus on a top down approach. He obviously disrespects public school teachers, and has only a political agenda. Tony Evers has been a teacher, principal, and superintendent of public schools. For all of you who love your child’s public school teacher, and care how your tax dollars are being spent, please vote for Tony Evers on Tue. April 2, or absentee Mar. 18 to 28 at your city hall.

Deb Klock

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