Plymouth School District mines homegrown talent

THE GREEN BAY PACKERS have maintained a high level of success over the past decades by following a simple formula – build from within as much as possible.

That’s a strategy that works well for many organizations and the Plymouth School District appears to be one of them.

When Superintendent Clark Reinke announced his resignation last fall, effective at the end of the school year, the School Board quickly chose Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Carrie Dassow to succeed him.

Last week the board, after screening some 15 candidates from within and outside the school district, selected current high school principal Dan Mella to succeed Dassow as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction.

There are many positives to promoting from within to fill high-level vacancies, as the School Board has done.

It ensures a smooth transition without the disruptions and adjustments necessary with someone coming in from the outside.

It shortens the learning curve for the new administrators, who already are familiar with the school district, the staff and the community.

It means less learning on the job as well, as the new appointees can work with their predecessor in the position to learn the ins and outs, the processes and procedures, and all the tricks of the trade, as it were.

It provides a continuation and ensures that there is some institutional memory at the top of the chain of command.

All of those are benefits of promoting from within, but they require one basic thing to work – qualified people already in house and on staff, ready to promote and capable of taking on their new, higher positions.

That’s where the Plymouth School District is fortunate, in that they have just such people in place – ready, willing and able to step up and take on greater responsibilities.

It speaks volumes for the quality of the staff in the Plymouth School District, top to bottom, that such a system can work here.

The district has been able, over the years, to attract and hire quality educators, then has given them the opportunity to learn, grow and advance – which is good not only for them but also for students and education they receive in Plymouth schools.

Finding quality prospects, drafting and signing them, then training them in the Packer system has led to lots of winning seasons, regular playoff appearances and even an occasional Super Bowl championship in Green Bay. And it’s a system that appears to be paying dividends for the Plymouth School District as well.

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Promoting from within works

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