To the Editor:

Whom should we believe and follow? Genevieve Beenen or God?

She believes that same-sex marriage is just fine while as God instituted marriage as the union of one man and one woman. She seems to think that God didn't know what he was doing when he designed marriage against her wishes.

She also labels the rest of us as ignorant and meanhearted for not thinking as she does. That's typical of the politically correct crowd.

First of all, all good govern- ments and most religions, especially Judaism and Christianity, on whose basic tenets this country was founded, have always believed that the marriage of one man and one woman is the basis of civilization. They intuitively understand that God's proven concept of marriage has a twofold purpose: unitive and creative. The husband and wife join together (unitive) and beget new life (creative).

Same-sex unions are not marriage because by their nature they are sterile. No creation, no children. Childless couples, however, are deep within the realm of marriage because they ardently desire to be creative but are prevented because of some natural circumstance. No society or religion has ever promoted homosexual marriage because it is a death knell.

Second, Ms. Beenen has a long list of the failures of heterosexual marriage. They are not the fault of the institution itself but the failure of we humans who are involved in it.

Third, governments have often supported heterosexual marriage with favorable laws because they know that the family unit is the basic unit of No families, no society, no government. Many countries, including ours, are today below the replacement level due to abortion, contraception and other reasons. Germany and Russia are waking up to this dire fact and are now paying thousands of dollars to families when they have children.

Fourth, Ms. Beenen and her like-minded supporters now claim that same-sex unions are as good for raising children as heterosexual unions. That is a falsehood! It is based on very small and biased research and, of course, is widely promoted by the "lame-stream" media. On the contrary, there is tons of research supporting the value and necessity of one man and one woman marriage. It's just ignored by them and the "lamestream" media who are onesided in their views.

Fifth, space does not allow for answering all of Genevieve's arguments. So, in closing, we ignorant people think that God is smarter than we are. And from watching the daily news, we can see that we, as individuals, and society as a whole, are always better off when we obey God's commandments. And we will not be better off if we follow the "new commandments" of Ms. Beenen and her supporters.

Jim and Kay Piper

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