Sargento map consolidation approved

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – Sargento Foods has grown its Plymouth campus in stages over the years and they’d like to update the legal property maps to reflect that.

To that end, the Plan Commission Thursday approved a certified survey map for Sargento.

“They bought different pieces of property over time and this will enable them to combine everything on pieces of property,” Director of Public Works William Immich told the commission.

Building Inspector Pete Scheuerman explained that the map will show two parcels to reflect the fact that the recently-completed office addition at Sargento is in the city’s tax incremental fi- nance district six.

“Since the TIF is involved there, I thought we should bring this to the Plan Commission,” Scheuerman said.

Because it is in the TIF, the office building needs a separate tax parcel, so taxes collected on it can be designated to pay off TIF expenses, Immich added.

He added that there is still some question about whether Sargento needs to dedicate property for road right-of-ways along County C and Woodland Road, so he suggested the approval be contingent on a fi- nal resolution of that issue.

“This just consolidates it for Sargento. It makes it much cleaner for them that they own two parcels of land,” instead of a larger number, Immich said.

At Scheuerman’s request, the commission began a look at the city’s home occupation permit ordinance.

“I started to look at the way our ordinance is written and, while it’s not that bad, it’s just a little dated,” Scheuerman noted.

It includes a list of what is and isn’t allowed as a permitted home occupation, “but some of them are a little dated,” he added.

Scheuerman presented a copy of the city of Sheboygan’s home occupation permit ordinance, application form and notification letter – the latter of which, he said, Plymouth does not currently have.

Commission member Peter Rammer commented that, “If it doesn’t impact anybody on adjoining properties, why should we get involved? Are we playing big brother here?”

Scheuerman responded that he is not interested in playing big brother, but added that there are safety concerns as well as traffic, noise and other issues which need to be regulated.

Commission member James Flanagan noted that insurance companies use definitions for home occupations that include gross receipts, number of employees and more for insurance purposes.

“This isn’t something that I’m looking to solve tonight,” Scheuerman conceded.

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