To the Editor:

In response to Jim and Kay Piper, my first question is this- when did God institute one man, one woman marriage? In the bible, Jacob had wives. You say “no children, no marriage”. So should couples who do not want children, also be denied marriage? Societies have and do allow gay marriage. It is not a “death knell”, because it is a very small percentage of the total population. You say there is “tons of research” supporting your exclusionary view. Please quote your sources. Finally, I would like you to think about the story of the good Samaritan. Jesus told this shocking story for a reason. The priest and Levite, passed by the injured man because they were following their religious rules of purity. Their rules prevented a compassionate response. The Samaritan, who was reviled by the leaders of the church, was the one to show compassion. Jesus reveals the character of God’s kingdom in this story. A compassionate response to gay, lesbian, and transsexual people is to allow them to marry. We do not need research to understand compassion. Why are you so against LBGT marriage? Are you judging? Judge not. Are you afraid? Fear not. I agree with you on one point. We are always better off when we obey God’s commandments.

Deb Klock

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