To the Editor:

Bills proposed in our Wisconsin legislature seem to be attempts to protect politicians’ jobs!

It would be harder to launch a local recall effort under a Bill introduced in the state Senate that would allow such efforts only against officials charged with criminal or ethics law violations. Currently, to recall a city, village, town or school district official in Wisconsin, a petitioner states a reason for the recall with no restrictions on what that reason could be. A constitutional amendment will also be proposed to apply this higher standardâ to recall a congressional, judicial, legislative, or county official.

The efforts to restrict recalls are bold attempts by politicians to protect their jobs. It is a dangerous road to go down to allow the political class to define what is or is not acceptable to them when citizens exercise their constitutional rights.One of those rights is the use of the recall language in our constitution.

The framers of that language originally were seeking to create a democratic check against corporate corruption and control of Wisconsin government, and politicians who do the bidding of these wealthy special interests.

Numerous Bills are also being introduced to tighten the state’s voting rules.

One Bill eliminates same day voter registration.

Another Bill limits the hours voters can cast in-person absentee ballots even as such voting increases in popularity in the state. It would prohibit clerks from opening early, late, or on weekends to accommodate voters wishing to cast their ballots before Election Day. Suppression of voting seems to be the motivation here just like the flawed ID law and other voting restrictions passed during the past few years.

Sadly many of our area legislators support such measures. Protecting their jobs and voter suppression seem to be a priority rather than good governance.

John Binder

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