Stalking wild animals with Aiden - in the store and at home

Emmitt B. Feldner  for The Review

We survived a weekend with Aiden and rodents – and no, they are definitely not one and the same.

Aiden was with us for the weekend so Mee-Mee, as is her wont, had us all on a shopping trip Sunday.

Actually, it was partially my idea – we agreed that we needed some additional clothes for Aiden to keep around when he visits us so, with him in hand, we took off to buy him some shirts and pants.

True to her nature, Mee-Mee didn’t stop there, however.

She decided she needed a snail for her fish bowl – which doesn’t have a fish in it, by the way – so we stopped at a pet store.

That suited Aiden just fine, as he was soon dragging Poppie all around the store to see all the animals for sale - the fish, dogs, cats, birds, lizards, turtles, gerbils, hamsters and rats.

If he could have, he probably would have tried talking us into buying one – or more – of each of them, but Poppie made it clear that he’d already gotten all he was going to get that day when he got his clothes.

He’s only taking after the previous generation in the family, as at one time or another his father, aunt and uncle had one or more of each of those creatures while they were growing up, not to mention a few critters that even the most exotic pet stores don’t sell.

I figure I did my part all those years to support the animal kingdom and my days should be through – although I have to admit, it would be tempting to send him home to his parents with some kind of exotic creature(s) compliments of his grandparents.

But I’m afraid that whatever we sent home with Aiden in the way of furry, winged or scaly creatures would just get sent right back here, so I suppressed that urge.

We had one more purchase to make before our shopping day was complete – a mouse trap.

It seems that one of the critters was somehow getting into our kitchen – either that or somebody was leaving us a trail of the world’s smallest raisins.

Aiden was fascinated by the mouse trap and wanted to see exactly how Mee-Mee set it up and where it was to be placed.

He supervised the whole operation and finally signed off on it before heading to bed for the night.

He must have done it right, as the trap did its work and we had the little invader later that night.

We had disposed of the mouse immediately, so Aiden had to take our word for it that the mouse trap had done its job, but he seemed happy with his – and the trap’s – work.

At least he didn’t get a chance to see if what we trapped was the same as what he saw at the pet store – who knows what trauma that might have caused him.

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