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Jim Baumgart  Sheboygan County Supervisor

We’ve all heard the comment, “I am from the government and I’m here to help you.”

It tends to get a smile and sometimes even a little laugh. Although a few readers may disagree, in fact people who work for local, state and national governments try hard to make the system work for everyone. All one has to do is point to the obvious - such employment as police, fire, and public ambulance service to snow removal, garbage collection, sewage service, and public water supply. People tend to understand the critical importance of such government services and the work these people do day in and day out. But even with an understanding of the type of great service public workers normally provide, a good joke about such employees generally gets a good laugh. Car sales people, and politicians often fall into the same category

Take Sheboygan County government for example. They continue to look for better ways to provide quality services at cost efficient rates. It’s not an easy task when state government requests more services from the counties but tends to limit state funding and sometimes the ability for counties to make their own financial adjustments to meet their specific needs. Despite the limitations set by the state, Sheboygan County Supervisors, administrator, department heads and workers have held the line on taxes, consolidated services, and continue to find ways to improve overall programs.

A case in point; recently changes and adjustments to their Web site in order to provide better services and information to its constituents. In doing so, a few of us older residents who grew up when typewriters were on the cutting edge of technology and were around before carbon paper was replaced by photocopies became somewhat overwhelmed. To those who may find the new Web site challenging, let me do my “I am from the government and I’m here to help you”comment. Maybe I can provide some direction to those who may need some help.

First of all, when you reach the new Sheboygan County Web site you will find a fairly large number of headings that can be “clicked on” to take you in the correct direction. What can be distracting to some is the colorful and changing background showing different pictures of local activities - golfing, boating, biking, snow activities and more. For a person uneasy with in doing a computer search, this can be distracting while accessing county services. To those individuals, and others, the county has a “search box” located in the upper right hand corner - just type in a word or two of what services you need, press search key and you should be directed to the right office or agency. If you have a problem here, you can call Kay Lorenz, assistant to the administrator, and she will quickly provide the right direction - her number is (920) 459-3144.

To those who are familiar with doing Web site searches, you should have little problem finding the information for what you are looking. But even for these individuals, at times, to understand the depth and breath of services that is provided by county government can be a bit challenging. And, with a new Sheboygan County Web site, especially if you need county services from time to time, it might be helpful to study and better understand the system. You can go into the Web site and check on the different departments, their services and programs, county staff, upcoming meetings, agendas, date, time and locations and much more. Practice will make a difference.

With the change of the Sheboygan County Web site comes a new Web address; that address is

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