Cascade approves street projects

by Abby Lynn Harvey of The Review staff

CASCADE – It’s getting warmer and that can only mean one thing in Wisconsin - the imminent arrival of road construction.

Three street projects were approved by the Village Board at Tuesday evening’s meeting: seal coating Bobolink Lane, installing concrete radius corners at the intersections of Mary May Court, Marshalls Court and Francis Avenue and patching as needed.

Although there are other areas that need to addressed in the future - such as the ally behind Marshall’s, which has been a topic of discussion in the past – the Streets Committee felt that these three projects were a priority.

“Bobolink is a new street, but it needs to be seal coated to keep it new,” Trustee and Streets Committee chair Todd Starnitcky said, “The radius corners we inspected, those corners are getting bad, it’s just time to do it. Patching, of course, is self explanatory.”

Two bids were presented for the Bobolink Lane seal coating, each for a different process with advantages and disadvantages of their own.

The first, a bid from the county Highway Department, was for a fly ash procedure.

“It’s the flaky stuff that’s packed down but it would be loose debris that could get dragged into driveways,” Starnitky stated, suggesting that there could be complaints about the debris if this process were chosen.

The advantage of this process however, is that the surface is drivable right after the application, limiting any road closures and enabling residents to get to their homes unhindered.

The other option presented was a slurry seal, which would eliminate the loose debris. With that process the road is sealed one side at a time and the surface cannot be driven on for 24 hours after application. This would cause complication in residents getting to their homes, as for at least one day they would have to park elsewhere and walk. This too would likely cause complaints.

The cost of the slurry seal was more than $7,000 whereas the fly ash was $5,458.

After some discussion about the two bids, the board voted to go with the fly ash bid, with Trustee Jim Larson voting against the motion.

The radius corners are expected to cost roughly $2,000 per corner to replace. That cost does not include any blacktop patching.

This project was approved not to exceed $10,000.

Also discussed was updating the current directory to be completed by tax time.

The old squad car and village truck have been sold. The squad sold for $6,075 and the truck for $2,800.

The next meeting of the Cascade Village Board will be held on June 11 at 7:30 p.m.

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