Marriage Licenses

The following couples applied for a marriage license at the Sheboygan County Courthouse.

April 13 – Natani Church and Jeremy Hildebrand, city of Sheboygan; Alyson Young and Ian De Soto, city of Norfolk

April 15 – Jenny Lee and Nou Chang, city of Sheboygan

April 19 – Doreen Kober and Nathan Schrameyer, city of Sheboygan; Melissa Ten Dolle, village of Oostburg, and Jason Sertich, city of Sheboygan; Shusha Liu and Zhengyu Wu, town of Sheboygan; Leann Breirather and Brian Brandt, town of Plymouth

April 20 – Nicole Drexler and Luke Lund, city of Sheboygan

April 26 – Carole aka Carol Ertel, city of Sheboygan, and Gary Schroeder, town of Sheboygan Falls; Noelle Degroot and Joshua Boeldt, town of Sheboygan Falls; Amy Seifert and Benjamin Agrinsoni, city of Sheboygan; Susan Stutika and Glen Ross, city of Plymouth; Priscilla Escalera and Anthony Gaffney, city of Sheboygan

April 27 – Cassandra Maske and Darnell Gates Jr., city of Plymouth; Pamela Richardson, city of Sheboygan, and Scott Gartman, village of Oostburg; Heather Covey, city of Sheboygan Falls, and Andrew Lambrecht, city of Oshkosh; Trisha Nowak, city of Sheboygan, and Antonio Hoem, town of Wilson; Heather Lara and Nicholas Gundrum, town of Plymouth

April 29 – Mai Yang and Crest Xiong, city of Sheboygan

May 3 – Abby O’Neil and Thomas Rath, city of Evanston; Andrina Karoses and Austin Shirley, town of Scott

May 4 – Wendy Krubsack and Thomas Ruh, town of Rhine; Amy Vang, city of Sheboygan, and Ger Xiong, village of Howards Grove; Kari Heeler and Matthew Stewart, city of Sheboygan; Holly Sears and Bradley Knecht, city of Plymouth; Marilyn Buteyn, town of Sheboygan, and Gerrit Feyer, city of Sheboygan; Abigail Sonnentag, town of Plymouth, and Arthur Bartlett, city of Sheboygan

May 10 – Marisela Valezquez Hernandez and Samuel Campechano Roman, city of Sheboygan; Deanna Williams, city of Sheboygan, and Jonathon Rahmlow, city of Oshkosh; Pang Kue and Eric O’Neil, city of Sheboygan; Griselda Flores Anzures and Miguel Carbajal Lile, city of Sheboygan

May 11 – Jessica Huiras and Aaron Wulff, village of Random Lake; Nicole Dreier and Derek Hendrikse, city of Sheboygan; Susan Fabian and Nathan Waid, city of Sheboygan; Jennifer Morton and Chad Wallo, village of Howards Grove; Tammy Cummings and Timothy Kaboord, town of Greenbush; April Gurley and Jonathon Pirwitz, city of Sheboygan; Sadie Mueller, city of Sheboygan, and Michael Alfieri, city of Calgary

May 12 – Ashley Kehoe and William Wilcox II, city of Sheboygan

May 17 – Candice Roehl and Eliseo Ramirez Rita, town of Sheboygan Falls; Catherine Hunter and Zachary Smith, city of Chicago; Danielle Velier, town of Wilson, and David Ruissen, town of Byron Center; Debra Hackbarth, town of Sheboygan Falls, and Michael Peterson, city of Menominee

May 18 – Felicia Macias and Manuel Gutierrez Jr., city of Sheboygan; Stephanie Stuckmann and Anthony Hilbelink, town of Wilson; Kristina Daniels, city of Plymouth, and Michael Johnson, village of Wauwatosa; Genesis Braeger and Salvador Avina Lopez Jr., city of Sheboygan; Melissa Ingram and Jeremy Rowe, city of Sheboygan; Lauren Wrobel and Kenneth McGowan, city of Plymouth; Amanda Dillman, town of Wilson, and Joshua Graminske, city of Sheboygan

May 24 – Joyce Lucas and Walter Sansom, village of Oostburg

May 25 – Sarah Debbink and Andrew Moffitt, village of Oostburg; Claire Roenitz and William Smith, city of Chicago; Karin Aquino Delgado and Agustin Fernandez Ruiz, town of Wilson

May 26 – Michelle Ries and Eric Noel, city of Sheboygan

May 31 – Stephany Garcia and Jason Skarvan, town of Greenbush; Wendy Gornall and Gregory Gornall, city of Sheboygan

June 1 – Kristina Ciani and Matthew Rakow, town of Sheboygan

June 8 – Tya Little and Cole Beger, city of Plymouth; Stacey Osieczonek and Joshua Gleason, city of Sheboygan

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