Plymouth students excel at state music festival

Plymouth students participated in the WSMA State Solo and Ensemble Festival held April 27 and 28 at the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.

Only students who have received a high first-place rating in a class A event at their district solo and ensemble contest can advance to the state level.

Connor McManus, an eighthgrader Riverview Middle School, received a first place rating for his tenor solo.

Plymouth High School qualified 80 events for the state festival. The following PHS students received firsts:

• Brass Choir 1: Steven Blend, Andrea Werner, Hannah Larson, Jon Gideon and Devlin Kraemer

• Clarinet Choir: Brent Thiel, Michaela Kelly, Kieth Grennier, Jackie Klopf and Maddie Strutz

• Ethnic, Folk Ensemble: German Band

• Flute Choir: Rachel Morris, Beth Brisson, Taylor Knuth, Somer Flaig, Kyrstin Schaefer

• Jazz Ensemble

• Woodwind Ensemble

• Misc. Ensemble: Beth Brisson, et al

• Bb Clarinet Solo: Collin Miller

• Bb Clarinet Duet: Kylie Schmitz and Brent Thiel; Phoebe Sebranek and Collin Miller

• Brass Duet, Trio, Quartet: Eddie Niedzelkowski and Evan Sebranek; Rachel Holzhaueser and Hannah Kaiser

• Brass Sextet: Jeanette Morris, Matthew Rhude, Rachel Holzhaueser, Nick Hildebrand, Hannah Kaiser and Taylor Meyer

• Concert Snare Drum Solo: Elizabeth Raeder; Dan Chin

• Drum Duet: Owen Ryan and Elizabeth Raeder

• Drum Trio: Cormick Hnilicka, Becky Schwarz and Codey Molkenthine

• English Horn Solo: Delaney Olsen

• Flute Solo: Emma Sember; Rachel Morris; Julia Novotny; Beth Brisson

• Flute Trio: Julia Novotny, Erika Stauss and Ali Van Els

• Marimba or Xylophone Solo: Kelly Pocian

• Oboe Solo: Delaney Olsen

• Parade Drum Solo: Owen Ryan; Cormick Hnilicka

• Piano Solo: Johnathon Haupt

• Piccolo Solo: Beth Brisson

• Tenor Saxophone Solo: Nick Pearce

• Trombone Trio: Matt Matz, Kyle Lisowe and Ryan Schieble

• Trumpet Duet: Jeanette Morris and Emily Carbaugh

• Trumpet Trio: Emily Carbaugh, Jacob Faust and Lucas Hellmer

• Trumpet Quartet: Zach Holden, Austin Ernst, Mitch Halderson and Daniel Schwartz

• Tuba-Euphonium Quartet: Evan Sebranek, Isabel Roy, Jessie Mittmann and Joe Larson

• Woodwind Solo: Beth Brisson; Delaney Olsen

• Woodwind Duet, Trio, Quartet: Rachel Morris

• Alto Solo: Amy Addy; Kelly Pocian; Emily Carbaugh

• Baritone or Bass Solo: Corbin Dewey; Carter Krzyzaniak; David Hassel

• Music Theater-Female Role: Amy Addy

• Soprano Solo: JoAnna Solfest

• Tenor Solo: Zach Holden

The following PHS students received seconds at the state festival:

• Clarinet Choir: Phoebe Sebranek, Collin Miller, Keston Murphy, Brokke Reichert, Anna Travis, Holli Harms, Kyanne Littlefield and Sarah Presely

• Saxophone Choir: Katie Turicik, Eric Nygaard, Tanner Neils, Nick Pearce and Ben Bachmann

• Misc. Ensemble

• Woodwind Ensemble

• Clarinet Quartet: Phoebe Sebranek, Collin Miller, Keston Murphy and Kyanne Littlefield; Stephen Stirling, Barbara Xiong, Austin Kultgen and Julie Binder

• Drum Quartet: Owen Ryan, Elizabeth Raeder, Paul Kriegel and Brad Hetlet; Matt Olig, Dan Chin, Amy Addy and Jaryd Larson

• Flute Solo: Erika Stauss

• Flute Trio: Emma Sember, Miranda Walter and Lauren Gentine

• Keyboard Mallet Duet: Matt Olig and Jaryd Larson

• Piano Solo: Jessie Mittmann; Kylie Schmitz; Rachel Francis

• Trumpet Solo: Austin Ernst

• Trumpet Duet: Austin Ernst and Mitch Halderson

• Trumpet Trio: Michael Bolland, Brianna Musiedlek and Evan Klemme

• Trumpet and Trombone/Euphonium Duet: Zach Holden and Matt Matz

• Woodwind Duet, Trio, Quartet: Julia Novotny and Kassie Stokdyk

• Woodwind Trio: Jenni Birenbaum, Tessa Woelfel and Kassie Stokdyk; Maja Holcombe, Mark Novak and Kylie Schmitz

• Alto Solo: Ricki Hernickle; Paulina Norton

• Music Theater-Female Role: Cailin Scherer

• Music Theater-Male Role: Johnathon Gideon

• Soprano Solo: Cailin Scherer

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