Planners rectify map, zoning discrepancy

by Abby Lynn Harvey of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH — The discovery of a conflict between the City of Plymouth’s Comprehensive Plan and current zoning resulted in an amendment to the plan at the Planning Commission’s Thursday evening meeting.

The property in question is located behind Advance Auto Parts via a private road off Eastern Avenue.

According to the unamended Comprehensive Plan, the land was to be general business and environmental corridor. However, the zoning for the area is mixed residential.

Because the Comprehensive Plan and the zoning are to match, the commission had to choose which would have to be changed to come into compliance.

“When we re-did the comprehensive plan two years ago it could have been that this was missed as the map and plan changed,” Mayor Donald Pohlman said. “Maybe it should have been changed to (residential) then.”

An initial interest has been expressed in developing an apartment complex on that plot of land as its location back from the highway would be ideal for such a setting, whereas the land would be less attractive to businesses for the same reason – limited visibility from the highway.

“I think we’re going to have a hard time selling a piece like that set back off the highway for general business,” said commissioner Bill Barbieur, mentioning the lack of frontage. “Really it seems to me that this might be the best thing for this parcel, is mixed residential.”

Some concern was expressed about the environmental corridor classification which did not carry over in the amendment.

Commission member James Flanagan requested that the environmental corridor designation be retained.

“I’d look to retain as much of the Master Plan as we can and abide by it and I think retaining that environmental corridor would be make sense, “ he said.

Regardless of the removal of the environmental corridor designation, the owners of the land will have to comply with DNR standards. Removing the environmental corridor classification simply makes the parcel easier to map.

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