Commencement just means turning a page

ANOTHER ROUND OF GRADUATIONS has come and gone. High school, college, even middle and grade school students marked the end of one portion of their lives and the beginning of another.

The ceremonies that marked the occasion were the usual mix of solemn and joyous, happy and sad, celebration and .

While it was an ending for the students involved, there is a reason why the ceremony is called “Commencement” and not “Conclusion.”

One of the student speakers at the Plymouth High School commencement Sunday quoted author Mitch Albom, who wrote “All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time.”

To many of the graduates, it may seem like a sad ending, but the truth is that it is and should be a happy beginning.

Through their education, they have built the foundation of what can be a successful and fruitful life ahead of them.

As Plymouth High School teacher Gale Grahn pointed out in his address to the PHS Class of 2013 Sunday, that life can and will take many paths.

Most of us envisioned a straight path for our lives at the time of our commencements, only to find that life has a tendency to take us in many different directions and along many different paths along its way, both expected and unexpected.

The trick is, as Grahn – quoting REO

Speedwagon – told the graduates, to “Roll with the changes.”

The members of the class of 2013 will have to turn many pages in their lives, and they will look back as time goes on to see that many of the times that seemed like endings were in fact beginnings, although they didn’t know it at the time.

But they have built a solid base, through their education, to turn many pages in their lives and to not only roll with, but to make, many changes in their lives, the lives of many around them, and the communities where they will live, work and play.

They have ended one chapter in their lives, but they have many, many more to write and live before their time is through.

It’s an exciting prospect for the members of the class of 2013. Congratulations to them for what they have achieved and best wishes on what they will go on to achieve with the rest of their lives.

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