Republicans don't always see eye to eye on immigration

By Dennis Gasper for the Republican Party of Sheboygan County

Democrats will stop at nothing in order to round up another sympathetic voter. Congress is now in the process of cobbling together another “solution” to the problem of illegal immigration. As usual, the Democrats are not interested in a final disposition of the matter or what is in the best interest of our country; they are only interested in more Democrat voters. As long as the Hispanic allegiance remains with Democrat politicians, their ultimate goal is to include citizenship for the illegal community.

It is evident that Democrats would like to eliminate the conservative opposition to their liberal ideals and methods. Indeed, this has already happened in Detroit, Milwaukee, and most other large cities. The result in those one-party Democrat cities is economic and social turmoil. Amnesty and citizenship for the illegal Hispanic population will take our country down the same single-party Democrat path that is devastating our cities.

The immigration problem is causing divisions within the Republican Party. There are those, like the Republicans in the “gang of eight,” who believe that we can patronize the Hispanic community and win more Republican voters. They would go along with the Democrats in allowing a shortcut to citizenship and voting for those already in the country illegally. Those Republicans believe that obstructing the push by Democrats to promote citizenship would alienate Hispanic voters to conservative causes. To think that any of the legislative proposals on immigration will suddenly change voting habits in favor of Republicans is unbelievably naive.

Most Republicans in Sheboygan County have a different view of the issue. The Democrat way will not work for Republicans. Our party is the only political party that advocates for the set of principles and morals outlined in our constitution. We proudly post those beliefs on our web page. Abandoning those principles in an effort to buy votes muddies the difference between the two political parties. Not only will we not increase the Hispanic vote, we will lose many principled voters who believe in the “Rule of Law” and are looking to the Republican Party to stand as an alternative to the vote buying that goes on in Washington.

The solution to the immigration problem is only complicated because of the politics involved. Obviously, we must control the border. That is best done by documenting those already here and refusing to let any newcomers enter the country or be employed without proper documentation. While some would prefer to have all persons here illegally thrown out, there are humanitarian, economic, and practical reasons to legalize those already here and not disrupt their lives and employers that depend on their labor. However, there is no reasonable humanitarian or constitutional argument in favor of making those immigrants who came to this country illegally into citizens with voting rights.

As a conservative, I believe firmly in the free enterprise system and the unique American culture that we inherited from our forebearers. As Hispanics and others migrate to our country, we must insist they leave third world cultures behind and accept our laws and traditions. To allow immigrants who came to this country illegally to participate as voters is to further water down our system of government that has served us well. If that limits the Democrats’ ability to buy votes with handouts, then so be it.

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I thought that it was
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I thought that it was appropriate that this article appeared right next to the "Loon" article!?...It was full of "loony" opinions!!!
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