Sorry pathway

In regards to the article by Dennis Gasper, it seems that he is one of the reasons why the Republican Party is in so much trouble now. Their answer to everything is to blame the other side. The trouble and the extreme obstructionism started when the far-right "crazies" were elected to the Congress.

He talked about there being humanitarian, economic and practical reasons to legalize "those" that are already here." Let's get real, the Republicans don't have a humanitarian bone in their body when it comes to immigration or anything else. That's why they want to give more tax breaks to the rich, and decimate programs that would help the poor. That's why they want to force their so-called, "good moral attitudes" on everyone else, and invade our lives and bodies in every way possible. The government is not bad, and it can do many good things for many people, but only if you have reasonable, commonsense ideas from smart people who are willing to fight for everyone, no matter what your race, finances, or whatever situation life has thrown your way.

We do not need people who want to take us back 100 years or more, when women had no control over their bodies and personal decisions, and there was only an upper-class and a lower-class.

Unfortunately, if these antiquated, crazy people keep getting elected, we are headed down a sorry pathway to the past.

Mary Wilke
N5111 Hillwind Rd.
Plymouth, Wi.

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