Marriage Licenses

The following couples applied for a marriage license at the Sheboygan County Courthouse.

June 22 – Yvonne Stroik, town of Sherman, and Adam Survis, village of Adell; Catherine Campion, city of Sheboygan, and Taylor Steinpreis, town of Sheboygan; Corrine Gile and Jeremy Hennen, city of Surprise; Takeelah Weary and Felton Traylor, city of Sheboygan; Michelle Fear and Delbert Risenhoover, town of Holland; Laurie Widder and Robert Kelly, city of Sheboygan Falls; Doreen Bergelin and Garon Schnepel, city of Red Bud; Kathleen Klawon, town of Louisville, and Nicholas Hilbelink, city of Knoxville; Linda Poeske and Daniel Greer, city of Sheboygan; Brittany Hanson and Drew Krings, city of Vancouver

June 23 – Kayla Muehlbauer and Travis Mueller, town of Sheboygan

June 27 – Alicia Hemb and Caylon Thede, city of Sheboygan

June 28 – Rosalba Gonzalez Cardona and Angel Pacheco De Jesus, city of Sheboygan; Amalia Segovia and Victor Vargas, city of Sheboygan; Jacqueline Spencer and Tyler Steady, city of Sheboygan; Laura Madison and Greg Shepherd, city of Sheboygan; Jamie Roll and Trevor Allen, town of Magna

June 29 – Angela Kropidlowski and Cameron Flynn, city of Sheboygan; Tiffany Jurss and Meng Vue, city of Sheboygan; Nancy Koopman, city of Milwaukee, and Adam Glatczak, city of Sheboygan; Lindsay Hellmer and Shawn Baumhardt, village of Howards Grove; Julie Sammons and Shane Ruege, village of Random Lake; Caitlyn Toennessen, town of Oconomowoc, and Kyle Kuehl, town of Scott; Diana Bastarrachea, city of Sheboygan, and Joshymar Suastegui, town of Holland; Ashleigh Spohn and Kent Sorenson, village of Sugar Grove; Amanda Dolfin, town of Lima, and Jason Eiring, village of Waldo; Kalie Eigenberger and Joshua Bastasic, city of Sheboygan

June 30 – Mary Theobald and Keith Comeau, city of Sheboygan

July 5 – Cindy Moctezuma and Miguel Cabrera Mena, city of Sheboygan; Pawapun Tiasawanakul, city of Chumphon, and Rodney Schultz, city of Sheboygan; Kari Zallar and Steven Roethel, city of Sheboygan; Rebecca Kellner and Jacob Reichow, city of Arlington; Jamie Prettie and Stephen Knapik, city of Plymouth

July 6 – Laura Senkbeil, town of Rhine, and Scott Sharp, city of Caledonia; Kalia Chang, city of Onalaska, and Pao Yang, city of Sheboygan; Lindsay Hoftiezer, town of Lima, and Eric Seider, village of Oostburg; Keegan Daley and Jeremy Wagnon, village of Kohler; Dineah Gollihue and Steven McCue, city of Sheboygan Falls; Julie Wollenzien and Scott Hameister, town of Sheboygan Falls; Lindsay Harrison and Andrew Eirich, city of Sheboygan; Erin Bucio and Antjuan Williams, city of Sheboygan; Amber Warrens and Luke Fenske Sr., city of Sheboygan; Sarah Thibodeau and Scott Jacobchick, village of Oostburg; Susan Tonn, village of Elkhart Lake, and John Sauermilch Jr., city of Bradenton

July 12 – Laura Wagner, city of Sheboygan Falls, and Derrek Lemahieu, city of Sheboygan; Nicole Couillard, city of Sheboygan Falls, and Edwin Lehmann, city of Sheboygan; Melissa Martin and Kevin McCabe, city of Sheboygan; Desiree Schleif, city of Sheboygan, and Thomas Horan, city of Appleton

July 13 – Renee Lake and Michael Peterson, city of Loves Park; Rachel Poppy and Bradley Wiegand, city of Sheboygan; Lora Kraetz and Alexander Grech, city of Sheboygan; Sarah Luethy and Matthew Ball, city of Sheboygan Falls

July 19 – Allison Komaromy and Zachary Norman, city of Sheboygan Falls

July 20 – Susan Hubing and Robert Kaufert, village of Random Lake; Veronica Mitchell, village of Ashwaubenon, and Steven Stockdale, city of Sheboygan; Jenny Dicke and Richard Rupp, city of Sheboygan; Robin Wolfgram and Andrew Hoppert, city of Sheboygan; Amanda Torrison and Joshua Dufour, city of Sheboygan; Jody Grande and Raymond White Jr., city of Sheboygan; Megan Goodberlet and Todd Schlafke, village of Howards Grove; Shannon Busse and Joel Martinez, town of Herman; Nicole Sinkula and Robert Jacques, town of Sheboygan; Amelia Baumann and Erick Heling, city of Sheboygan Falls

July 27 – Scarlette Oakley and Anthony Sims, city of Sheboygan; Amanda Wilson and Jesse Gall, city of Sheboygan

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