Plan Commission approves strip mall expansion for Dollar Tree move

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – An expansion of the strip mall at 540 Walton Drive, to make room for an expanded and relocated Dollar Tree store, won Plan Commission approval Thursday.

City Building Inspector Pete Scheuerman explained that the store will be moving into space currently occupied by Anytime Fitness in the commercial building just to the north of Wal Mart.

Anytime Fitness will be moving into open space north of its present location in the same building, he added.

“We’re adding 1,100 square feet on the rear of the existing strip mall,” Joe Bronoski of ABACUS Architects told the commission. “It’s going directly onto the piece that’s already bumped out back there. It’s primarily for use as a stock room.”

“This is an addition for what’s going to be the Dollar Tree store,” Scheuerman said. Dollar Tree is currently located in the Fairfield Plaza shopping center on Eastern Avenue.

Bronoski said the current fire lane in the rear of the building would be maintained even with the expansion of the space.

Several commission members pointed out that there was no provision on the plans presented by Bronoski for a second exit from the store for fire and safety purposes.

“The actual building plans need to be submitted to the state,” and approved there before the city can issue a building license for the expansion, Scheuerman pointed out. “They should pick up on that,” and ensure that the second door is included.

“We need to do something to the west,” Bronoski agreed.

Public Works Director William Immich pointed out that the change in the driveway behind the store that is part of the plan will require moving the water main, which he said should be a condition of the approval.

Jason Lensmire of Plymouth Glass Co. presented a proposal for an 8 by 12-foot exit platform/ deck at his building at 402 E. Main St.

“When I purchased the property, there was just a door there. There was no step down or any other purpose to the door,” Lensmire explained.

“The insurance company would like us to do something with that,” he added.

The something will be a deck, which will be enclosed by display pieces for his business, Lensmire continued. “We really don’t want anybody to come up on it from the street.

“It gives us a little display deck and also increases our floor space,” he said.

“It makes sense to have something under that door other than a drop,” to the sidewalk, Immich commented.

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