Cascade garbage deliberations being watched

THERE ARE A lot of interested municipalities watching the village of Cascade grapple with the issue of garbage collection.

Like many of their neighbors throughout the county, the village was faced with a huge increase in the cost of garbage and recyclable collection this year when their hauler, Veolia Environmental Services, was purchased by Advanced Disposal last fall and the new owners raised the price of their service by a large amount.

It put many municipalities who relied on Veolia for their garbage collection in a tight financial situation, which was met by a number of solutions.

Some cities and villages simply swallowed the increase, cutting other costs and services to try and make up the difference.

The city of Plymouth absorbed some of the cost, covered some of it by ending free city garbage collection that was still offered to some commercial customers, and imposed a $2 a month garbage collection fee on property owners’ property tax bills. It was worse in the city of Sheboygan, where residents were hit with a $7.16 a month garbage collection fee this year.

Cascade opted not to renew their annual contract with Advanced but instead went with the new company on a monthby month basis – at a higher cost – while actively seeking other alternatives and proposals from other providers of garbage collection services.

So far, Waste Management is the only company that has submitted a proposal to the village. Advanced has asked to submit a bid as well and the Village Board agreed. The board also requested a proposal from J-D Trucking of Waldo.

Larger municipalities, like Plymouth, may be caught in a garbage Catch-22, as the number and volume of garbage collection there precludes all but the biggest companies – like Advanced – from bidding on the work, leaving few if any options or alternatives.

But smaller towns and villages who contract on behalf of their residents for muncipality-wide garbage collection, will be watching the developing Cascade situation with interest.

If the village can find a lower-cost alternative to Advanced, it may show the way for others in the same boat.

But if it turns out there is no better alternative for Cascade, then the higher cost of getting rid of garbage will be an unavoidable fact of life for all.

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