To the Editor:

Democrats are good at creating myths, especially when they write about Republicans. Ms. Wilke, in a recent letter to the editor to the Review, exemplifies that capability by parroting without any substantiation the myth that Republicans don't have a humanitarian bone in their body.

If Democrats are great humanitarians, why do they always use other people's money to accomplish their good deeds? There are hundreds of Democrat billionaires. Why do they cling to their billions while the Democratic Party tries to fleece the middle class? Why do the big city bastions of Democrat governance continue to wallow in crime and poverty? The humanitarian efforts there do more to buy votes and maintain their plantation than to help the poor.

It would be rare if a Democrat brought some honest facts to a debate. To skew reality with a constant litany of defamatory myths might fool some people but will not solve our national or local problems.

Reinhardt Rose

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