Good news in the form of a septic system

IT ISN’T OFTEN THAT the installation of a new septic system is news. But it was last week in the town of Lyndon.

What made it news was that it was the first effort in a program sponsored by the Wisconsin Onsite Water Recycling Association called “Rejuvenate a Family Day.”

The association donated the material and the labor to install a new private onsite wastewater treatment system – modern nomenclature for a septic system – at the County V home of Ron and Barb Joslyn just north of Cascade, at no charge to the Joslyns.

The Joslyns have been struggling over the past decade with Ron’s medical bills, which have mounted into the millions of dollars. It left them unable to deal with a failing septic system that was endangering their well and also their neighbor’s wells.

That’s when Kevin Stange of the Sheboygan County Planning and Conservation Department stepped up.

Knowing of the Joslyns’ dilemma, and of WOWRA’s “Rejuvenate a Family Day” plans, he saw that the two made a perfect match and worked successfully to bring them together.

Then WOWRA members locally and statewide took over.

Within three or four days of the selection of the Joslyns for the first project, 90 percent of the material needed for the project had been donated and contractors had been lined up to do the work.

Last Thursday was when it all came together, when the WOWRA contractors and members began digging on the Joslyns’ property.

They had the decrepit (as one WOWRA volunteer described it) old system out and the new one installed by early afternoon, when county and state officials joined WOWRA members, the Joslyns, their family, neighbors and friends at a ribbon-cutting for the new POWTS.

It was a joyful occasion for the Joslyns – and it’s not often that people get choked up and emotional about a septic system.

It was a tremendous gesture by the association, whose members hope to make “Rejuvenate a Family Day” a regular, perhaps even an annual, event.

Barb Joslyn told the group assembled for the ribbon-cutting that the day was a complete reaffirmation of her faith – in the human spirit and in God.

Hard to believe that one could find a sign of God or human kindness in a septic system, but it happened last week in the town of Lyndon. And that was certainly news – of the very good kind.

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Rejuvenate a Family Day
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WOWRA really wows ‘em

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