Town sets special meeting on upcoming road project

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – The town plans to rebuild River Heights Drive and Terrace Avenue and the Town Board will hold a special meeting Aug. 20 to inform residents of those streets about the project.

At issue, Town Chairman Jim Lubach told the Town Board Tuesday, is replacing driveway culverts at residences along the streets.

Many of the driveway culverts are sunken or failing, he noted, and they can be replaced as part of the project, but it would be at the property owner’s expense.

That is the reason for the special meeting, Lubach continued, to explain the options and possible costs for driveway culverts.

The Sheboygan County Highway Department is doing the work for the town, at a total cost of $101,314, according to Lubach.

It will include blacktopping the roads, graveling the shoulders and replacing culverts under both streets.

“They’ve already started the project, putting culverts in,” Lubach told the board.

What the town is paying for is for the reconstruction of the road and improvements to ditches in the right-of-way, but driveway culverts fall outside that right-of-way and would cost extra, Lubach said.

He suggested that the best course of action for the project would be to complete one layer of asphalt yet this year, then let it sit over the winter.

In the spring, the second coat could be laid and, if any of the new culverts under the streets have settled, the asphalt can be cut out, the culverts filled in and the rest of the asphalting completed.

The board, on the recommendation of the Planning Commission, approved a rezoning and certified survey map for property on Fairview Drive owned by Marlene Machut.

Machut’s daughter, Jillann Douglas, explained that the 24-acre property has been vacant for about two years. The map divided the property into two lots, with a smaller 2.13 acre lot containing a house and barn rezoned to R-1 residential and the larger lot rezoned A-2 agricultural.

“We only want to sell the house,” Douglas told the board. “We don’t want it to become a dilapidated property. We’re keeping the farmland as farmland because a neighbor farmer has rented it for years and we want him to continue.”

She also said that it is not yet a good time to sell the larger parcel for possible residential development, due to uncertainty about the economy and the possible future route for a frontage road for State 23.

“I think it’s good to keep zoned agricultural,” town resident Bob Johanning said during the public hearing before the Planning Commission. “She’s doing the right thing, because in the town, once it’s zoned residential you can’t farm it.”

Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Krogstad reported that two arrests have been made in connection with a string of thefts from vehicles reported in the town in June.

“We recovered a vast majority of the (stolen) property,” Krogstad told the board. “In fact, we recovered more property that was reported stolen. So if you know somebody who’s missing property from around that time, the beginning of June, please let us know so we can get it back to them.”

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