Laude in place for EL-G HS

by Abby Lynn Harvey of The Review staff

ELKHART LAKE – The fi- nal steps necessary to solidify the adoption of a laude system of recognition at Elkhart Lake – Glenbeulah High School were taken at Monday evening’s meeting of the Elkhart Lake – Glenbeulah School Board.

Several sections of the board policies had to be updated to reflect the laude system, which will be put in place for the class of 2017.

Updates include the addition of a clause in the High School Grading Procedures which states that class rank will no longer be recognized for the class of 2017 other than for consideration for the Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship. Class rank will be replaced with the laude system.

The graduation recognition portion of the board policies was updated to include the laude bands of recognition starting with the class of 2017. Students with a 3.25 grade point average and 7-10 Laude points (awarded for certain classes) will graduate cum laude. Students with 15 laude points will graduate summa cum laude. Cords will be worn by cum laude and summa cum laude students.

The adoption of the laude system was no surprise, as the formation of the system has been followed by the board closely since former high school principal Todd Timm suggested it several months ago.

The program is two tiered, allowing for either one or .5 laude points to be given for rigorous classes.

Laude Tier 1 would include classes that have been accredited by a college or university. This would included classes like calculus, horticulture and psychology. These classes would be worth one laude point per semester.

Laude Tier 2 would include classes which have advanced standing or were teacher chosen. This would include classes like design and engineering, Spanish IV and European Literature. These classes would be worth .5 laude points per semester.

The transition into a laude system has been a growing trend statewide. Earlier this year Plymouth adopted a laude system and Kiel, Neenah, Elkhorn and River Valley have used the laude system for some time.

Maintenance projects continue at the High School and Elementary/ Middle School following suggestions made during the recent facilities study. Precedence has been given to item seen as safety concerns, including the installation of emergency gas shutoff in the science room and emergency lighting is various areas.

The next meeting of the Elkhart Lake – Glenbeulah School board will be Sept. 16 at 7:30 p.m.

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