Schneider new Waldo village president

by Abby Lynn Harvey of The Review staff

WALDO – Dan Schneider became the new Waldo Village President via a unanimous vote by the Village Board -Schneider himself abstained – at a Tuesday evening special meeting of the Waldo Village Board.

The meeting was scheduled after the resignation of Lisa Hagenow, the former village president, Aug. 20.

Trustee Mike Hintz, who served several years as the village president before Hagenow took office, made it clear early in the discussion that he was not interested in reclaiming the position.

“I would decline that, I would never do that,” he said.

Hintz suggested that Schneider fill the seat and Schneider agreed fill the position until the end of the current term in 2015.

“You certainly have the support of all the board,” Hintz stated as Schneider was sworn in.

Schneider’s appointment to the seat of village president leaves the board short one trustee, putting Schneider in a position to appoint somebody to fill the seat until the end of his term in the spring. Who the appointed trustee will be remains unknown.

“At this point I do not have any suggestions,” Schneider said. “I would be willing to listen to any. I will need a little time to ponder it. I’d put it on the agenda for Monday’s meeting and get it solved at that point, but I would like input from everybody obviously.”

Hagenow provided a list of names and Hintz made a suggestion for consideration as well. Trustee Scott Wolfort asked Hagenow, who was present at the meeting, if she would be interested in filling the open seat.

“I was asked and I really am going to have to turn it down,” she said. “I just know me and I won’t be able to limit my involvement and I’m going to end up not gaining what I’m setting out to gain, I’ll be here for you guys – Dan especially you for budgeting and all of that – whenever you need.”

Hagenow resigned for personal reasons, citing largely time constraints.

Further discussion of the appintment of a new trustree will take place at Monday evening’s meeting of the board.

“They’re going to sit at the table with us,” Schneider said to the board of the appointment, “so I would like consensus with everybody that we’ve selected the best of the available people that we can. That’s the way I’d like to approach it. It’s just for a short period of time, but I would hope that whoever we get to do that would hopefully stay on for a longer period if possible - run after that short period of time.”

Village clerk John Port also handed in his resignation letter at the time that Hagenow announced her resignation. Port stated that he was willing to stay on until a new person could be trained but that he felt his obligation to the village had been fulfilled.

“You stepped into it green and that was not fun for you.” Hintz said to Port, to which he replied, “No and that’s why I do not want put somebody else through that.”

A plan of action to find a new clerk will be discussed at the Monday evening meeting of the board.

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