EL board set to take up TIF for Osthoff expansion

by Emmitt B. Feldner of The Review staff

ELKHART LAKE – The proposed tax incremental finance district for an expansion of The Osthoff resort is ready to move to the Village Board.

Village President Alan Rudnick told the Village Board Monday that the Planning Commission has approved plans for what would be the village’s third TIF.

Representatives of Ehlers and Associates, the village’s financial advisors, were at the Planning Commission meeting Aug. 28 to explain the plan. Rudnick noted that no one spoke at the commission’s public hearing on the proposed TIF.

The board will act on a resolution creating TIF 3 at their Sept. 16 meeting.

The commission also received further information on a proposed helicopter charter service, but because the information was received the day of the meeting, any further action on the conditional use permit for the service was tabled to the next Planning Commission meeting, Sept. 11.

Proposed changes to the dog ordinance generated discussion on the number of dogs allowed per residence.

Trustee Lynn Shovan said the Protection of Person and Property Committee decided not to include a provision for a dog fancier license, allowing those who run dog rescue services to keep more than five dogs.

That prompted a question from Trustee Pam Garton, who asked where the limit of five dogs per household came from. “That’s based on what,” she asked. “Dogs have come up several times in discussions and people were appalled that someone could keep (as many as) five.”

“That’s something that’s always been there,” Administrator/ Clerk/Treasurer Jeanette Moioffer responded.

Deputy Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer Jennifer Reilly admitted that five is a higher number than any other village or city in the county, but added that there are two or three households in the village that do have five licensed dogs.

“And we don’t get any complaints,” Police Chief Mike Meeusen quickly added.

Moioffer did note that the proposed ordinance changes the wording from five dogs per person to five dogs per household, but conceded, “I have no clue why five is the magic number here.

“It would be handled by the Police Department if a neighbor complains,” about someone’s dogs, she added. “If it continued to be a problem, they would issue a citation.”

The ordinance was introduced for future action by the board.

At the request of Trustee Michael Wolf, village officials will look into setting a weight limit on trucks and other vehicles using the Lake Street walkway.

Driving cars and trucks onto the walkway for events occurs frequently, Wolf noted. He warned that the village should put a limit on the practice or face future maintenance and repair issues with the walkway.

“I have no idea what weight limit the walkway was built to,” Wolf noted.

“How do we know if a truck comes (on the walkway) what it weighs,” Moioffer asked.

“I’m not looking at setting scales out there, but it is the responsibility of the person who brings a truck in,” Wolf responded. “When you have a bridge out there that says a limit of 20 tons, does someone stand there to see if somebody with a 40-ton truck goes on it? No. But if we don’t have a limit, then we have to pay for repairs.”

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