Waldo trustee position remains unfilled, board to evaluate clerk position

by Abby Lynn Harvey of the Review staff

WALDO – The Waldo Village Board remains incomplete after the resignation of former Village President Lisa Hagenow.

At a special meeting held on Tuesday, Sept. 3, Dan Schneider was sworn in to serve as village president for the remainder of the vacated term, which ends in 2015. As Schneider had been serving as a village trustee, an open seat was created when he became village president.

At the special meeting Schneider took a list of names of interested parties willing to fill the vacated seat. At the time of Monday evening’s regular meeting of the Waldo Village Board, Schneider had not chosen an ap- pointee to fill the seat.

“I take it seriously and needed a little bit more time to talk to all the people I wanted to talk to so that’s not going to take place tonight,” Schneider explained.

He suggested a special meeting be held to fill the position following the next utilities meeting.

Hagenow’s resignation was followed by the resignation of John Port, village clerk. Port has agreed to stay on until a full transition can be made to the new utilities billing system.

Port will develop a list of job duties and, pending approval by the board, the job will be advertised in the coming weeks.

“That position is not something we’re looking to fill tomorrow or next week,” Schneider said. “We want to get the transition of the billing software correct and understandable and not hand off an issue to anybody. We want them to start on good ground.”

The current pay of the position was questioned by Trustee Michele Preder who asked if there should be discussion on any financial changes that may need to be made to the position.

“I think we will have to do that,” Schneider replied. “I would like to see what the individuals that we choose are looking at and see how that matches up with what we’re capable of doing. We’re going to go into budgeting soon, at which point we’re going to be able to figure out what level we can pay at and how does that match up to, let’s say, the skill set that John has.”

Discussion was held on the upgrades to the Christmas decorations. The decorations had suffered a lot of wear in the past and were in need of repair.

Lori Murray presented the board with several options to upgrade the wreaths. The work to refurbish the wreaths is being done on a volunteer basis.

The board choose to approve the purchase of new garland and large white LED lights for the wreaths. The “candles” in the center of the wreaths will be removed. The purchase of large red bows for the bottom of the wreaths was also approved.

Trick or Treating was set for Saturday Oct. 26, from 4-7 p.m. The annual roller skating party at the Memorial Hall will be held from 7-9 p.m. that evening.

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